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High Court Forbids Temba Mliswa From Sending His Two Children To Cheap Govt Schools

High Court Forbids Temba Mliswa From Sending His Two Children To Cheap Govt Schools

The High Court has barred Norton MP Temba Mliswa (Independent) from sending his two children to cheap government schools, saying he could afford fees at private institutions.

Mliswa had challenged a 2016 ruling by the magistrates’ court directing him to pay $8 000 for maintenance plus fees at a private school for the children he bred with Cynthia Mugwira.

Mliswa and his estranged girlfriend have been in constant legal battles over the upkeep of their children.

He appealed against the school fees order, claiming he could only afford to send his children to a government institution.

But High Court judges of appeal Justices Neville Wamambo and Emilia Muchawa said Mliswa did not give convincing reasons why his application should be granted. The said:

It was, however, clear to the same (lower) court that at the end of the day he can afford the fees at the named school.

There was also an averment which appellant did not dispute that one of the minor children has special needs which were being met at Hellenics Primary School. The learned trial magistrate was cognisant that essentially he was guided by the best interests of the children.

It was also discovered that Mliswa had several potential sources of income, including two houses in South Africa, the Shumba Murena Family Trust, Saltlakes Holdings Private Limited, among others.

The judges also added that $8 000 was hardly enough to even take care of one child under the current economic situation.

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Themba Mliswa 1 week ago


Worzell Gummidge 1 week ago

Themba Mliswa should just get a vasectomy or at least he should learn to use Condoms. Zviri Nani asare ari jon'osi pane kuve kabhuru kemashanga kanorunza. 19 children with different women kunge Chigweme chembudzi chinongotasva sheche dzese dzese pese chichiita ruzha rwekuchemeera hadzi? Apo anodzvura zvese nevakadzi vevanhu. Susan Mutami auto kanorova nekurohwa zvese kunzungu nekunyimo. KuManyowa zvese nekuFertiliser. Mliswa is a good politician, but Stonyeni ichamuparadza. Mulundukwa haudi kungo gofwa yekedero.

BB 1 week ago

aikaka ko munhu anomanikidzwa kuendesa mwana k private skuru?
the one who needs special att ndiye anokodzera prvt school

Vybz Kartel 1 week ago

It's because he affords ka

mudha 1 week ago

kkkkest ndosaka asina mukadzi 19 children

John 1 week ago

Abhero Mliswa

shaya dzembongoro 1 week ago

ma**** **** haana rugare panyika 😂


Three days & 1 week ago

"The judges also added that $8 000 was hardly enough to even take care of one child under the current economic situation."

And i earn 25000 rtgs
They knw its not enough but they just ignore

Muckraker 1 week ago

Notwithstanding,I like him for his political tenacity. At least of all the daft liliputians in Parliament he is the only that speaks his mind fearlessly and honestly. Zvevana izvi ndezverudzi. He could have inherited the fertile genes from his ancestors. In any case if we have 19 more Mliiswas like him in the foreseeable future we are likely to have lesser of the Jacob Mudendas,Obert Mpofu,reckless water mouth Mutsvanga and useless and cruel July June Mberengwa Mataga Moyo

ndasekazvangu 1 week ago

kkkk yave **** here kana mombe inonzi "children he bred with Cynthia Mugwira". Pindula hayikonayo kudaro vakomana😂😂

Parasite 1 week ago

Munzwirei tsitsi ane 19 kids. He spent most of his time in the bedroom .

Mafirakureva 1 week ago

19 kids! The more reason he should be made to pay. If he pays maybe he could discipline his penile member kuti asangoisa vana pese pese

BUOY 1 week ago

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣19 ahhhhhh mface ari serious uyu

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