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High Court Denies Nyatsime CCC Activists Bail

High Court Denies Nyatsime CCC Activists Bail

The High Court today dismissed the bail application of 11 of the 16 Nyatsime CCC activists who are currently detained at Harare Remand Prison.

Justice Fatima Maxwell who was hearing their appeal said she is not convinced that there was a misdirection by the Magistrates’ Court that denied bail to the 11.

Speaking outside the high court, Adv Wilbert Mandinde who is representing the 11 said:

We have just come out of Court before Justice Maxwell where we dealt with the case involving Precious Jeche and 10 others from Nyatsime who are currently at Harare Remand Prison facing charges of public violence.

We were appearing before the court this morning to make an appeal against the refusal of bail in the magistrate’s court. Our appeal was unfortunately refused. The appeal was refused, with judge maxwell ruling that she was not convinced that there was any misdirection by the magistrate’s court.

This is not good news at all. It’s sad news taking into account the number of days that the accused persons have been in custody now. We will sit down as the legal team. We will speak to the clients and we will take appropriate measures. We will work towards ensuring that our clients eventually exercise and enjoy the right to appeal as enshrined in terms of the constitution.

The 11 activists were arrested in late June this year and have spent about 60 days in prison without being tried. Repeated appeals for freedom have hit brick walls.

The CCC members are accused of destroying houses and shops, and setting on fire the house of the ZANU PF Chairperson for the Nyatsime area on 14 June this year during the funeral of slain fellow activist Moreblessing Ali. The 16 include outspoken CCC MP Job Sikhala who is imprisoned without trial at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison. 

The denial of bail to the Nyatsime 16 was over the past day contrasted to the swift granting of bail to Zanu-PF legislator Justice Mayor Wadyajena who is charged with fraud in a US $5 million corruption case.

CCC has continued to call for the release of the Nyatsime 16 accusing the government of political persecution and using the law to fight the opposition ahead of the 2023 elections.

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Pongi 1 month ago

Zvakaoma ,matongerwo amatare acho huori wega wega hapana chisingaperi fhamisa Chete Chete 2023

Weed 1 month ago

😂😂...fhamisa chete chete..✊

ccc 1 month ago

let's pray for them vamwe vanoba mamirioni asi vachipiwa mabail becoz they are zanu

kdz chipanga 1 month ago

im a supporter of zanu pf but izvi zvotokoka mamwe masanctions tikanyepera chamisa fti

meki 1 month ago

mwari pindirai

Citizen 1 month ago

When there is a change of government, all these magistrates and judges should be held accountable for their abuse of power. They are well aware of what they are doing and how the public feel about it.

Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

After a change of government, elite pacts are entered into & noone will be held accountable. MuAfrica taona hurumende dzichichinja asi kashoma kuona justice ichiitwa kune vaiita huori, huipi nehedzvanyiri. KuSouth Africa vakazviedza pana Jacob Zuma asi manyika makasimuka bongozozo, vakamuburitsa mutiringo. KuZambia bato rePF rakaondonga asi hapana ati apinzwa muchizarira. Mapurisa, masoja nevematare edzimhosva vanongoti taiteerera maOrders aibva kumusoro voramba vari pamabasa. Justice chaiyo inonetsa kuwana pasi pano. Asi shanduko inokwanisika.

MockeryOfJustice 1 month ago

This judiciary stinks4ED


gogodera 1 month ago

pakaipa job Mwari vachaita kuda kwavo chero vakaita kutsinye Ushe madzoro hunoravanwa

Bossolona 1 month ago

Yet wajajena is out there gallivanting

Gwedu 1 month ago

But you listen to wadyajena right? Khama will catch up with you soon!

Cadre 1 month ago

Yaah good move Judge Maxwell, those hooligans must rot in jail, they are a threat to our society

Gafa 1 month ago

ED iguva ririkufamba anosiira vamwe nhamo gvnt ichachinja one day all judiciary police army prison shefs being used wil b in big trouble.

Asifuni bumbulu 1 month ago

let's give CCC a chance for 2023 elections coz what is happening is doesn't show an fairness in the judiciary system of this nation.
how can you give bail to someone found guilty of looting tax payers money... but failing to give bail to those fighting for justice for others.

lani badala litabona ukuthi isimo sinjani vothani kahle


The CCC political party no noNyatsime disturbances is a case of fixing those detained. The 16 can not have similar circumstances to be denied bail all of them at different times.

ZANU PF has actually given instructions to the captured judiciary not to release them. They want the 16 to be tried from jail as they know that they will secure convictions since they have ordered that the 16 be found guilty and set example.

I have always said if CCC leadership is not careful they will have most of their members detained by the time we reach the Harmonised Elections.

Luckily, CCC political party has an astute President who reads and interprets politics. He has refused to invade streets at this juncture in time. He insists that time shall come.



Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Believer. 1 month ago

Wena Nkosi uyazi

p Matange 1 month ago

Apa ma judge makuda kudyisa musangano zvamavakuita

Wadyajena granted bail 1 month ago

Mayor granted bail

Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

On what grounds should they be given bail? If their attorney doesn't have a convincing argument and if he can't convince the judge that once they are given bail they will not be a menace to society then let them rot in jail kkkkk Let me just let you on a little secret, don't forget that these guys weaponised a corpse and proclaimed that without their release the corpse won't be buried, that is an obstruction of justice and any judge in his right mind will not grant bail to ****asses who threaten the course of justice... As simple as that....

mnhanga 1 month ago

cadre you are as good as a dead dog


What do you expect from the "Second Republic-New Dispensation" ?

Maparamuro 1 month ago

Kutonga kwaro

Nkust 1 month ago

Kubvira panguva yatsvangirai ndizvo zvaingoitiwa vanhu vachiti mwari anovona,,,,, patainzi muchivukura tichingotonga ndofunga ndizvo zvazvaireva

Jongwe 1 month ago


Tom 1 month ago

ccc for change

Gadaffie 1 month ago

God will intervene.

Gadaffie 1 month ago

God will intervene.

Kule Dhambi 1 month ago

Hurumende ya Simiti yaive yema bhishopo nema fata zvokwadi

Chi Kule 1 month ago

Iyeniih nevamwe vake vaive ma fata nema bhishopo pane zvandiri kuvona nhasi izvi

Ngonaya ngonaya 1 month ago

Job skala munhu anozviti akadzidza anowanikwa paviolence kudzidza kwacho kuripapiii...ava ngavagare mukatiii kusvika 2024

Dzedzi 1 month ago

what happened to Pious Jamba the heinous murderer

Naughty But Nice 1 month ago

Violent people should not be given bail.

Rambo 1 month ago

mutemo wekwedu wakarerekera divi rimwe.

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