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High Court Defers Former Police Boss Chihuri's US$32 Million Corruption Case

High Court Defers Former Police Boss Chihuri's US$32 Million Corruption Case

High Court judge, Justice Pisirayi Kwenda, has deferred to March 24, the case in which former police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri is accused of diverting US$32 million of public funds into family companies.

This follows a request by one Erina Muchingami to be joined to the proceedings. Said Chief law officer Chris Mutangadura appearing for the state:

Muchingami bought one of the properties from Chihuri and is claiming her rights to one of the properties under litigation.

This becomes the fourth time the case has been postponed since the time it was first set down for hearing.

The matter spilt into the courts after the then prosecutor-general, Kumbirai Hodzi checked with the deeds office and established the rushed disposal of assets by the Chihuris.

Chihuri is alleged to have sold five properties between 2017 and 2018 after his departure from the police force resulting in Hodzi being granted powers to freeze Chihuri’s properties and assets.

The state alleges that:

a). on July 17, 2018, Chihuri’s wife, Isobel Halima Khan Chihuri sold stand 1421 Gletwyn Township to Brian Chijaka for US$130 000.

b). her brother Aitken Khan had her power of attorney to make the transaction.

c). on March 21, 2018, Khan sold 8 St Aubin’s Chisipite in Harare on behalf of Chihuri’s daughter Samantha to Erinah Muchingami for US$365 000. 

The state wants Chihuri to explain how the five properties that were part of the family’s large property portfolio were sold despite that they had been placed under the Asset Management Unit.

Chihuri is contesting court orders allowing the State to forfeit his properties.

The State seeks to freeze Chihuri’s companies and the properties, which his family acquired during his time in office pending the final outcome of possible criminal investigations.


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Bright 3 months ago

Mtangadura ahiriye her weku ruwa uya ano runner grothpoint rese uyu

chihuri (former porisi commissioner) 3 months ago

ndiregerereiwo mhuri yeZimbabwe nekukubirai kwataiita paroad nemapurisa angu... ndinzwireiwo tsitsi kana mukatarisa skin yangu haichanzwira mafuta.. nda
ndodzosera hangu yandakaba yacho mbijana kwete yese...

Chen 3 months ago

Citora mari chimunhu ichii , koBob anga akachitsigira zvee chaityei zvachoo. Kana tazogara ndorimwe team rakatora bag kunyika iriii. Muchiri kuziva every 10 km peg block , kkkk vaisiva

Bhuru 3 months ago

Paaiva panyanga hapana kana aiti bufu.. Nhasi adzingwa mava take-take naye, asi chii nhai. Ndiye adii ega

Trhrf 3 months ago


Mkhadzi 3 months ago

true this government is exactly what they are doing ...havanei nesu ....asi zuva richavawira sembavha uye kuparadzwa kwavo kuchadarika kweSodom neGomora ..God is watching n Jesus is coming soon repent for the kingdom of God

Hulk Hogan 3 months ago

No wonder why these politicians at ZANU pf are so wicked to the point of killing someone, they are simply protecting their I'll gotten assets. Then we get to see these vagabonds like @Vybz Kartel being used as thugs to intimidate opposition supporters only to be given beer and drugs and some US$15 each..


Gamba 3 months ago

zvayiwana ngwarati,imboendawo kuseri mdara

🍋🍌🍋🍌🍋 3 months ago

Let Chihuri pay for his nonsense.
He is guilty
Do not hesitate to Jai
It's taking longer and longer

🍋🍌🍋🍌🍋 3 months ago

Jail him

Dhuterere 3 months ago

Busy banning opposition rallies whilst corrupt looters roam freely

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