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"He's Innocent" - Mahere Speaks As Job Sikhala Is Denied Bail Again

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) national spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere has condemned the continued detention of Zengeza est Member of Parliament (MP), Job Sikhala saying he is innocent.

Mahere made the remarks the Harare Magistrates’ court denied Sikhala bail again this Friday. In a Twitter post seen by Pindula News, Mahere said:

The Magistrates’ Court at Rotten Row has again denied Hon @JobSikhala1 bail. We condemn this continued persecution & the weaponization of the law. Bail is a constitutional right. He is innocent. 

Sikhala has been in prison since June when he was arrested and charged with inciting public violence which erupted in Nyatsime during the funeral wake of slain CCC activist Moreblessing Ali.

Sikhala denies the charges.

Responding to the court outcome today, former Finance and Economic Development minister, Tendai Biti said:

We are shocked by continued denial of bail to @JobSikhala1. The State is clearly not ready. That alone constituted a fundamental change of circumstances. The law must at all material protect itself against capture. It must remain autonomous & free from the illusion that it is owned.

His remarks resonate with sentiments expressed by several analysts who believe the judiciary is captured by the executive.

They believe Sikhala’s prolonged detention is political.

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vana 17 3 weeks ago

vakuda baba

Mujibha 3 weeks ago

Fadzie is offside again. How can someone who incite public violence and despondency be innocent. Uyo unofanira kutotanga aripa dzimba dzose dzakapiswa. Very reckless and unpatriotic.

3 weeks ago

These are only allegations @Mujibha He hasn't been tried yet d-u-m-m-y You are not even aware of most basic rule of law which goes 'innocent until proven guilty' They are not even putting him on trial because they know that he is innocent It is unprecedented that munhu can be kept in remand prison for so long This regime has got no shame at all

Dispenser 3 weeks ago

What is patriotism,

Tindo 3 weeks ago

Can you please explain or describe how he incited violence?

Führer 3 weeks ago

Where is the Twitter president we can only see the useless statement by the Twitter vice president and secretary but the Twitter president is nowhere o be seen he has dumped Hon Sikhala. Busy talking about spaghetti roads yet you can't simply say free Job 😤 nxaa nonsense.

ngorima mushava 3 weeks ago

only a court of law decides "innocent or guilty"...@after all he is serial offender

+++++++ 3 weeks ago

ever heard of the team innocent till proven guilty.In this case it's guilty till proven innocent

Bojack 3 weeks ago

Pane aiti Britain hakuna zvidhoma unogwara iwe chimboona Harry Potter

3 weeks ago

Pfeee 3 weeks ago

ku uk akuna kufanana ne Zim inotongwa ne zvidoma ana Bhobho ikozvino kwapinda chimwe chidoma chinot 2030 ndinenge ndichipo


g 3 weeks ago

uuummmm sad day for zim.

3 weeks ago

The next 6 months is going to see some people very nervous about their future and so they should be.

🫂 3 weeks ago

captured it is, hence will work as an advantage for the majority in 2023 elections.

one wonders how does those who misuse state funds walk scott free and get bails, just like that.

the sun 🌞 is raising up and it's rays are already clear...

@pk 3 weeks ago

You should keep your anus closed and stop farting.

uncle263 3 weeks ago

um now doubting this so callled CCC coz no action yet..if they truly stands with their Sikhala,they should hev done somethin, a headOn with this evil regime lyk now, rather than everyday postin abt their frustration .do yu think the magistrate have tym to go thru their tweets???????????

3 weeks ago

Something like whay
Man u are talking trush ita bettwr not to comment than to post zvechi **** ****

3 weeks ago

Something like whay
Man u are talking trush ita bettwr not to comment than to post zvechi **** ****

3 weeks ago

Chirungu chenyu kanhi mafero Ko kurova vernacular kana zvichinetsa

@uncle263 3 weeks ago

If you cannot make an intelligent comment you should shut up otherwise you will make a F. O. O. L of yourself.

3 weeks ago

Well I believe this is a trap to Nellie if he actions something they will make sure they make the playing ground dirty just to cripple him

I love my Country 3 weeks ago

It is a trap, either way the opposition is trapped. Chamisa did not see this one coming Kkkk. Let's see how he plays this one coz of late he's been quiet

Maparamuro 3 weeks ago

Why not get the trial started. Looks like CCC is getting mileage from his detention.

I love my Country 3 weeks ago

Kkkkk I'm very sorry sikhala but you are just a show goat now. Deal with it... Zanu is a vicious animal, never mess with without any defenses or else you die

Kangaroo Court 3 weeks ago

Iwe mujibha wakajaira court yaSabuku we Zanu inoti chero ada kutaura anongo simuka achitaura zvaada. Ma courts ese ave ma Kangaroo Courts akuudzwa matongero nechimwe chi party

Führer 3 weeks ago

Vanhu be ccc kanziyo ke yeiyeiye kegamba ndiko kamuchaimba pana Sikhala

I love my Country 3 weeks ago

I remember days sikhala would brag about being arrested almost 70 times in his life kkk, now its no longer funny kah. Sorry but Aida zvizoperera kupi. It's sad but they will kill him slowly

Gonzo 3 weeks ago

Ma one varume

Dzvamu 3 weeks ago

Prosecutors have no evidence, pachatanga kutongwa nyaya ndopachabuda kuti kurambwa kwebail ndowaitova mutongo wavaiva nawo chete coz they know at full trial the charges won't stick.

shapiro 3 weeks ago

Let him go thru the trial .....the out come ....whether guilty or not guilty ndoo verdict yeCourt simple

Peace maker 3 weeks ago

Anywhere ,no party can throw Itself out of power, how many years did the likes of Mugabe incarcerated,each game have its rules,play it, enjoy it,we are just observers

o'brien 3 weeks ago

kkk unotoona munhu achifarira situation yaSikhala. CCC will use tht to campaign and gain international support. The ruling party must think otherwise.

SeeSee 3 weeks ago

I believe words or even statements like "pasi na....." , "mhandu", "muvenge", "mutengesi",etc should be vabolished from Zim politics as they incite violence.ln politics we are not suppose to be enemies but opponents...we need too tone down on the usage of any words or statements that promote political violence.There are some people who are still in the "war mode" Hondo yakapera kudhara ,why always creating enemies always .WE ARE NOT ENEMIES BY WE JUST HAVE DIFFERENT VIEWS!NOT AN OPPOSITION BUT AN ALTERNATIVE!!!!

Baba Denzel 3 weeks ago

Guys if Honorable Sikhala is guilty,why the court of law is not giving him a chance for trial ???Why are they keeping on postponing the trial??? A desending voice is captured as inciting violence in Zimbabwe why??? Through my own Political point of view those on top are just fighting the entire system .The rule of law had been totally breached by so called we know it all and we are the bosses moreover nothing you can say as long as we are the forefront.

Baba Denzel 3 weeks ago

Hanzi "Pasi nemhandu" haisi incitement of violence here iyoyi??? That phrase itself alone leaves a lot to be desired

pk 3 weeks ago

pasi nadzo mhanduuu

ndizwa kulindiswe 3 weeks ago

1 day Wiwa will lead Zimbabwe to a promised land

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