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Here's How to Install the Latest Version of the Pindula App

Here's How to Install the Latest Version of the Pindula App

We’re excited to announce the new version of the Pindula App. We have added several new features we hope you’re going to like. As usual the app works even if you don’t have any data in your phone – on Econet only! 

In the app you will find the news, job vacancies, and an online market to advertise your products and find products to buy.

Here’s how to install the latest version:

Option 1:

  • For those of you that already have the app, before installing the new version, make sure that you have uninstalled the old version.
  • You can download the app APK from the Pindula website on this link:  (remember, if you’re on Econet, you can download the Pindula app without needing any data bundles. yes, it works – try it!)

Option 2:

Here are some of the new features in the app

New product categories

We received requests for new product categories in the Pindula Market and we have added them. There’s now:

  • TV, Decoders
  • Laptops & Computers
  • Cellphones

We have also made it easier for sellers to advertise so there’s a wider range of products and services to browse through.

WhatsApp Advertising

For some time now, people that advertise in the app have been asking us to make it possible for them to advertise to the 165 Pindula WhatsApp groups.

We have now made this possible!

Comments Flagging

You can now flag abusive comments so that moderators can pick them up faster and remove them.

Buying Airtime is easier

After you buy airtime once through the app, you will find the phone numbers pre-entered for you the next time you want to buy airtime. You still have the option to change the numbers. We hope this helps makes your buying process easier.

Give us feedback within the app

Every feature we release is based on the feedback you give us as you use the app and our other platforms. We have now made it possible to quickly give us feedback when you’re using the app. 

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Mangethe 3 months ago

Dankie Pindula

Akatendeka 3 months ago

Thank u

Yellow Mellow 💛 3 months ago

Please include APPEARANCE SETTINGS (Dark Theme / Light Theme...

Thanks for the upgrade...

Machiavelli 3 months ago

U can use your phone's settings to get dark mode

👽 3 months ago

define (abusive comments) coz i find Vk's zanu pf comments abusive

Baba Gumede 3 months ago

Please add live soccer scores

Rey Gwisai 3 months ago

Improve on registration, i think you should use the option of signing up via Facebook or google not demanding a WhatsApp number as optional what if a person doesn't use/have WhatsApp?

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 months ago

Thank you so very much PINDULA you such a wonderful loving platform.
Mine is evergreen i upgrade always whenever there is an upgrade...
☝🏽❤ stay blessed PINDULA and all the readers


King Adoe 🤴🏼 3 months ago

Thanks Pindula. the problem is that now I can't view jobs if I didn't pay 500 rtgs subscription

Limbikani 3 months ago

Thanks for the feedback.

What would be a reasonable price to pay to view the jobs for a month?

Blabber 3 months ago

Wamwe we use ios! Itai tibatsirikewo. Musangoitire weandroid chete

jivas 3 months ago

the text font size is too small can you make this adjustable.

Limbikani 3 months ago

You can adjust the font site by changing your phone's font size.

to do this:
- Open your device's Settings app.
- Select Accessibility. Text and display.
- Select Font size.
- Use the slider to choose your font size.

I hope this helps

YELLOW CARD 3 months ago

Thank you Pindula hard working team

passion 3 months ago

yakadhakwa haisi kuita

Patriot 3 months ago

thanks pindula can you give us sports news regularly we don't have Money to subscribe

trinity 3 months ago

i subscribed for a week just to see zvirisei.....ma1 news dzinobhohwa idzodzo... don't subscribe you will be wastingg your money.hapana zviripo. zvakangofanana nekuwerenga heading chete. and its not sport news its epl,psl and absa pl news chete chete.... laliga dololo,bundasliga dololo,lig 1 dololo,
dont waste your rgts dollar subscribing hapana nezve news adzinyorwe nevanhu vari enthusiastic about football..just some ****s who want to make money by taking advantage of sport lovers

politics 3 months ago

Toriwanepi 1rtgs iroro

Dude 3 months ago

Sports news cost 1rtgs , kumwe kuomera munonyanya

gigis 3 months ago

yes yes sports news free pindula

pindula 3 months ago

nyc work

J 3 months ago

the market place still needs work.. we should be able interact with the seller within pindula ndisati ndayenda ku inbox kwake and also people should be able to comment on the items on sale vachitaurawo pachena kana munhu arimbavha toziva kuti imbavha. and also if something is sold they should update us that the item was sold..uniswero fonera munhu onzwa chinhu chakatengwa kare nxaaa

Theophelus 3 months ago

thank you so much

Typing.... 3 months ago

Thanks, itai kuti tiwane ,studio seven pano

🍑 3 months ago

s7 kumba kwako atidi **** pano

SC 3 months ago

God bress Pindura

Matts 3 months ago

Great work much appreciated. I have a few suggestions;
1. Separate motor spares and accessories from the Cars/Vehicle category.
2. Let us be able to communicate with sellers / buyers from within the app. It adds life to the adds.
3. Give us an option to subscribe sports news for 1 month also and kindly keep us logged on if my subscription is still valied.
Thank you for the great work. Pictures a much clearer now.

Grateful 3 months ago

Thanks Pindula

Boss Kumbie 3 months ago

We are grateful for the work u are doing Pindula we thanks u so much.

Worzell Gummidge 3 months ago

God Bress Pindura. New Pindura. The app is quick to download, easy to install & easy to use. Not mention usefulness. Also add more Opinion pieces, Op-Eds, analysis & commentaries by Think Tanks & opinion Leaders like Alex Magaisa, George Charamba etc. Add more news on Parliamentary Debates and less news on harrowing murder stories - they distressing & unsettling.

erry 3 months ago

news shud cover all aspects social,economics,crime,technology,diaspora etc

Mukanya 3 months ago

Thank you Pindula team for this wonderful app

Ian Mapuranga 3 months ago

A Good development

Vusumuzi Bhebhe 3 months ago

Thank you Pindula,you're a star.

mafriq waBella 3 months ago

Thank you so much for upgrading our system

Byo CCC 3 months ago

Mine wont install , I use android 10 OS .

Machiavelli 3 months ago

Uninstall the current version you are using before installing the new one

The King of Serpents 3 months ago

Great app, it has improved a lot from the first version. Will definitely rate it 5 stars on Play store 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞. Keep it up Pindula team.

chris 3 months ago

dankoe syabonga

Cable Guy 3 months ago

This app is awesome

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