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Here Is How To Recharge Econet USD Airtime And Buy USD Bundles

Here Is How To Recharge Econet USD Airtime And Buy USD Bundles

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe will on Thursday launch “Smart US Dollar bundles” that will allow its subscribers to buy airtime, data and SMS products in US dollars.

Fungai Mandiveyi, the company’s Media and Corporate Communications Executive said subscribers will be able to buy the smart bundles in denominations ranging from US$0.50 up to US$10. Said Mandiveyi:

Customers will be able to purchase the bundles via their EcoCash FCA wallet, by buying physical recharge cards from airtime vendors and selected merchants, or by purchasing recharge till slips (vouchers) from Econet shops, OK and TM Pick n Pay supermarkets countrywide.

To recharge the USD airtime, customers simply enter *121#, the recharge key and press dial.

To convert the airtime to Smart USD Bundles, customers just need to dial *143# and they will be presented with the option to convert their airtime to Smart USD bundles.

Here are the steps to convert your USD airtime to bundles;

1. Dial *143#

2. Select option 1 for USD Bundles

3. Select a USD Bundle of your choice

4. Voice, Data, SMS or Combo

5. Select either “Using Airtime”

6. You can either purchase for yourself or for others

7. Confirm Payment

8. Enjoy your bundle

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M Chifamba 1 month ago

us radzoka Guys
May our government removed this zim dollar

CHIVHU 1 month ago


Chiurai 1 month ago

Kutodzokawo kwavo. Ratouya so dhora.

👽 1 month ago

Yet i can't even deposit my us dollar into ecocash. ingawe wallet yekuti ndomirira munhu ariku diaspora anditumire mari mu fca account yangu kuti nditenge Bundle.😔😔 make it so i can deposit my money into ecocash. Infact the Rbz or whoever is responsible for blocking this deposits should be sued for infringement of ones rights.i need advice i want to sue

CHIVHU 1 month ago

EcoCash has launched a new service that will allow customers to cash-in and cash-out United States dollars at Econet shops and Steward Banks.

DI Genius 1 month ago


SIMPLE 1 month ago

@musorowe**** unoenda nertgs rako Kuma money changers wotenga USD,woenda muSupermarket wotenga USD airtime not rtgs airtime.Basically that's how you change bond airtime to usd airtime.Simple


Dickhead 1 month ago

4320 8gb wifi bundle totosiya bcz rave around 18 or 20 usd depending ne rate. But richakwira haro kkkkk bcz econet ma prices ayo e data anosiyana if u check yomix bundle ne riya repa *143# data bundle zvakatosiyana cost

Dickhead 1 month ago

So how do u change bond etym to usd etym

Cable Guy 1 month ago

This makes sence thank Econet

Magonesesa Econet 1 month ago

Apa econet yagona,10gig wifi now @ US$10 which is cheaper compared to netone 10gig onefi @ zwl 6500. Dai Netone yateedzerawo cause netone ndoida 10gig dzenetone dzinoita kunga diesel compared to econet 10gig inoita kunge petrol.

JARAVAZA 1 month ago

So ratova available here kuma vendors recharge card iri

ST 1 month ago

Well said

Tinmike 1 month ago

Thank you pindula, was wondering how we can purchase it

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