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Helicopter That Ferried Mai TT To Her Wedding Crashes, Pilot Killed

Helicopter That Ferried Mai TT To Her Wedding Crashes, Pilot Killed

The helicopter that ferried comedienne Mai TT, real name Felistas Murata, to her wedding in Chisipite on Saturday crashed on Sunday, killing the pilot.

In a Facebook post this Monday, Mai TT said she called the owner of the helicopter who confirmed the crash after receiving calls from several people asking about the incident. She wrote:

Just this morning people called me saying your pilot crashed and passed away soon after dropping me, I’m thinking it’s just false rumours.

I’m calling the owner of the Helicopters I booked from he confirmed it’s true he crashed and died the next day on Sunday as he was coming from picking up another client.

I don’t know him I just booked for Chikopokopo services and when I went on board he opened the door for me saluted and said I’m honoured to be taking you to your big day

Becky called at the same time and said can you delay coming to the venue by 20 minutes? He said no ma’am, I got to take you now because a dark cloud is coming was this the dark cloud he meant? I’m traumatized right now.

My brother I don’t know what to say, may your soul Rest In Peace and thank you even if I don’t know you personally for the hospitality you gave me those few minutes I knew you.

May his family be comforted this is terrible time. Ah God, why???

The helicopter crashed on Sunday, reportedly near Chibhero College in Mhondoro. The pilot was alone when the plane crashed.

According to an online publication, the pilot has been identified as Captain Peter Chirimuuta. He was a  SACAA Licenced Commercial Helicopter R44 and AB412 Pilot.

Chirimuuta was reportedly a former Squadron Commander and Military Pilot at the Airforce of Zimbabwe and was involved in many disaster rescue operations in the country.

AFZ public relations officer, Simon Matingwina has since confirmed the crash but said the helicopter was not theirs.

I know about the crash, but it was not our helicopter. I think Mhondoro police attended the scene.

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Da truth 1 month ago

When boarder gezi died chii chakaitika ?Zim yabva ipapo vamwe baba mberisa chaiko kkkkkk sorry kune vanofunga kuti kushanda muzim kuno bhadhara kkkkk look at teachers , soldiers, nurses vanonxwisa tsitsi nezvima tie kuseni metu shangu twemu bhero ,Vana Chivhayo vanongomuka voto shwma n,aiiii 1million yoto pinda asina kubuda muma chira unoziva Ani ,unawirirana Nani mu Zim ndozvino verengwa . Connection ziva minister chete we Zanupf wotodya 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🇿🇼

cde 1 month ago

chibeans chamai nhingi chavabhadhara asi hachinaki

the truth 1 month ago

**** majaira kumuka makarara shandai apa muite mari kuchekeresa kuita sei ipapa.vanhu vanehunyope ndivo vanotaura zvekuchekeresa.Ungati muzimbabwe hamuna mari **** here?.zim inemari chingoziva bhindauko rekuita chete

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

RIP pilot, life is not fair in the sense that when bulls fight its the grass that suffer.
If people are practicing witchcraft on each other its the drivers pilots captains etc who suffer and the courts dont know witchcraft they say its negligence

Dzvamu 1 month ago

So sad

mi too 1 month ago

soul rest in peace


VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago

Apa manga muchifara kuti chikopokopo chenyika chadonha Shem hamunyare shuwa😔😔🤫🤫🤫🤫

levy 1 month ago

nyika yezimbabwe haina a white chopper
all aviations locally use their organisational colours on their chopers
flight centr academy


all their choppers are branded

🤨🤨 1 month ago

Dai wauriwe wauine chikopokopo ichocho

Kodo 1 month ago

Accidents happen bt ka pinch of salt kanogona karipo ,,ku Nigeria uko🤔

Tinmike 1 month ago

i knew as soon as I read this story I would soon see zvichinzi Mai TT vachekeresa, Zimbabweans we just too behind, helicopter crashes happen all the time not in Zimbabwe only. may his soul rest in peace

Bright 1 month ago

Nhai imi munhu anochekeresa isiri hama yake here saka iya ye airforce yakaurayisa vanhu hurumende yakachekeresa hre

chimuti 1 month ago

ummmmmmm very sorry

Sharp 1 month ago

Machekeresa Mai TT
takazviona kuti hazvisi zvega izvi. Murikuiwanepi Mari moga nyika yakaomerwa kudai

open 1 month ago

35000usd its cheap

detiop 1 month ago

RIP soja ,the chopper can be replaced within a week
hiring chopper costs 2ks USD ,then buying it will cost 35000usd from SA or from China
ana Sharp inini nevamwe tisu tirikushupika
muzimbabwe mune vanhu vane mari iweeee wakaona kuHICC kuti that SS sindger akapihwa 4000usd hard cash nemuZimba

enda kumadokero unoona dzimba dzirikuvakwa ikoko

enda paSouthly Park apo mamansion

go to Sandton that community after westgate

look cars being driven in Town

hupenyu haufanani babaa

ahhhhhh 1 month ago

i now understand her source of income

titi 1 month ago

u dirty minded nxaa

hev 1 month ago

kindly share whats her source of income besides comedia,logistics,online blogger,marketing agent fir runners in Sa,

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