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Helicopter Owners Say Aircraft Had No Previous Mechanical Issues

Helicopter Owners Say Aircraft Had No Previous Mechanical Issues

The owners of the helicopter which crashed in Mhondoro on Sunday and killed the pilot say they had been in possession of the R44 helicopter for more than a year now.

The helicopter came down in Lothin Farm popularly known as kwaJojo in the Mhondoro-Chivero area last Sunday killing Captain Peter Chirimuuta (33).

Speaking to The Herald on condition of anonymity on Tuesday, the owners of the helicopter said the plane had no previous mechanical or technical problems. Said the owner:

The helicopter had no previous mechanical or technical issues. When it crashed I was actually waiting for it at Charles Prince Airport so that I could take the pilot home.

As for the cause of the accident, everything so far is still under investigation.

The company charters out its aircraft to different destinations across the country from its bases in Victoria Falls and Harare.

President of the Employers Association for Tours and Safari Operations Clement Mukwasi said they were grieved over the death of the pilot. He said:

We are actually very shocked and concerned about the accident involving the death of the pilot.

Loss of life is always tragic. We are, however, waiting for the authorities to get to the bottom of the matter.

Captain Chirimuuta leaves behind a wife and two children.

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Dawson 1 month ago

Havana kutenga helicopter kwa Daniel Chingoma here , second hand it's good as hapana hapana chinenge chitorine matechical fault s

fody 1 month ago

zve aviation service history can be altered azvina basa izvoo,book rogona kuzara service history engine yoita knock votora another engine as a replacement,chomuka chikopokopo
inenge mileage yemotor t can be tempered with

locally akuna anokwanisa kutenga a brand new chopper most of these are preowned from. miners,farm owners or tourism sectors

they buy brand new use it for business service and resale to politicians
politicians run & own those choppa companies which are all over zambezi valley,vic falls and in tourism resorts

DaTruth 1 month ago

Helicopter iyi was it pre-owned or not bcz most pre-owned helicopters former owners lie about history of the plane or helicopter.Maintanence book ririkutii ?In aviation tine flight record book me maintenance records book . Aviation expects must be consulted not our country gurus who distorts reports.

ben10 1 month ago

haasi wepachiriulmuuta here pamhiri pekwajojo paakadonheraa or ihama dzake, saka anofanira akaita musikanzwaa akadzikaa zvakanyanya pachirimuuta pamusha apoo.. pakunokwidza mudenga ndokuroveraa. I am sure ndozvakaitikaa chete anogodonhera nepadhuze nemusha wekwachirimuuta sei.. ferefetai

ben10 bul**** 1 month ago

very long and meaningless submision
go and sleep

kkkkkkkk 1 month ago

invalid suggestion 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Int 1 month ago

Obvious its a politician owning this helicopter vanenge vakarongedza bag


gamba 1 month ago

why hiding the owner's name

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