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'Healthcare Workers Suffered In Silence During COVID-19'

'Healthcare Workers Suffered In Silence During COVID-19'

Healthcare workers (HCWs) suffered in silence from mental health challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, a recent report by the Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR) says.

ZADHR secretary Norman Matara said HCWs in government hospitals face challenges in accessing mental health services and they also have to cope with stressful conditions of service which further strains their mental well-being. Said Matara:

Barriers to accessing mental health services make it more difficult for health personnel, especially those who were at the frontline during the COVID-19 peak period, to cope.

There are no mental health structures for people working in government hospitals, there is need to prioritise their mental health.

(There is need to) invest in mental health. Recruitment of healthcare workers to ease the burden on those already in service is vital to ease the pressure.

There is need to increase remuneration so as to keep those still in service. It is also important to deal with the challenges at hand.

Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association president Tawanda Zvakada said:

Losing colleagues was a very painful experience and it was very scary to diagnose yourself after experiencing symptoms aligned to COVID-19.

It was also very depressing trying to save others while not properly protected from the same.

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Zvimbazi 2 months ago

Dear : Pindula Crew

. Please close the comment section as it has led to TRIBALISM. If a Shona person argues in His/Her language Ndebele people feel very offended and vice versa. Please do something, i know that Pindula supports CCC and this Tribalism is going to bury CCC to some extent .


tip: Try to surf shona words and ndebele words but allow ENGLISH ONLY.

Bright 2 months ago

Vanenge vachida kuita popular ka papindula pano that's why vachidaro so azvina kunaka izvozvo

Ini zvangu 2 months ago

Just ignore offensive comments, I.e. dont respond to them and they will just die off.

Ghetto Yut 2 months ago

Every poor person in Zim suffered

Never 2 months ago

Yes I feel for these healthy care workers. Indeed they suffered workload too much.

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