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"Hatidi Chi ‘Shefu-shefu’ Mentality" - President Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has urged ZANU PF youths to be servant leaders saying the “chi ‘shefu-shefu’ mentality” was bad.

He made the remarks in his speech at the 362nd Ordinary Session of the Politburo on Wednesday where he urged members to work hard around the objectives upon which the party was founded on. He said:

There can be no spectators in the conduct of Party affairs. It is unacceptable that those given positions of responsibility simply sit on their portfolios with little to show. Non-delivery of results will attract consequences…

Hatidi chi ‘shefu-shefu’ mentality, among and indeed across the youth all structures of the Party. We are all servants of the people. This is the culture that should be entrenched within the Party.

The ruling party has in the past been accused of failing to deliver on pre-election promises and then come and making more promises when other elections approach.

Failure to fulfil promises made has often been blamed on corruption and party officials’ neglect of their mandates.

Many political elites have been described as seasonal due to their behaviour of disappearing in the aftermath of elections and resurfacing when the next elections approach as they will be seeking reelection.

While the ruling party has so far managed to retain its strongholds, the opposition has made inroads into those territories with analysts attributing the development to ZANU PF’s failure to address the electorate’s needs.

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Mujibha 2 months ago

Yes ma cdes hatidi kuti kana mava nashefu mofamba muchingo shefura shefura.
Vote Zanu Pf

Asalif 2 months ago

I was once a staunch Zanu pf supporter they way you removed Mugabe from power left division within the party because everyone was saying one center of power , akabva aenda nesupport yake yese people are now afraid of following the wind which does not have a direction vanhu vofuma imi vacho mamirira impeachment kkkkk Saka vanhu vakadaro vanonetsa kutevera majuniors in party ranks don't know what will be happening kumusoro so vanotya kuzonzi uriwaED or uriwaChiwenga especially with the factionalism within the party like here in Masvingo I was close to the MP so when tables turned all those structures were dissolved handione achibuda apa the structures are full of opposition members we truly know and they took top positions the reason ?? for benefits of campaign material Mbeu, food handouts and the like

RoboCop 2 months ago

Hw are you ,,,,kana info about Masvingo contact me show me yo #i will call u sir

tongwai 2 months ago

huya pa sisk unoiwana

Asalif 2 months ago

details handitambidze munhu 😂😂😂 takamboshan**** ndoiziva skill yebasa

BabaAsalif 2 months ago

@Asalif usabhaizwe iwe ukuda kunzi utaure madetails Ako wobva wanzi chiimba semaimbiroaunoita paPindula

daddyjay 2 months ago

@Asalif unogara kumasvingo here ndimķuutsvagawo a semi built house which is near any GZU compus dakutenga ndoyiita boarding house is it a good direction ndine kamari kandiinako i want to have a property outside Hre.also if it possible if u kindly point me to the right direction were i can have property selling gurus in masvingo kana unpa masocial media handles anoziva zvemasvingo thank in advance

Asalif 2 months ago

@daddy jay ok ndoziva imwe but it's far from the campuses ends paFB wotsvaga Great Zimbabwe Realtors or open Masvingo Mirror adverts and TellZim News adverts

Asalif 2 months ago

Or Facebook groups Masvingo buying and Selling arimo and What's app groups if you can get the links


Chawabvunza 2 months ago

I commend His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa for reminding ZANU PF youths that "chi shef-shef" mentality without tangible results breeds serious consequences. However, may remind the president that it was ZANU and ZAPU who coined and imported this phrase from Mozambique and Zambia respectively. This phrase is alien to Zimbabwe and must not be allowed to be part and parcel of our language.



shefu 2 months ago

CCC ndopanorira

Da Truth 2 months ago

ko pa Forbes boarder post pakairikeiiii nhaiii ,,ndi Mai aniiiii nhai ??????Kungovhunzawo handizivi

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