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Hartzell High School Tells Parents To Take Learners Home As Food Stocks Run Dry

Hartzell High School Tells Parents To Take Learners Home As Food Stocks Run Dry

Hartzell High School in Mutare has said it will no longer be to feed learners beyond 22 June as food stocks are running dry. The School head has in a letter seen by Pindula News urged parents and guardians of learners to take the learners home. The letter dated 12 June reads:

Re levels of Food stocks

This letter is a follow-up of my message to you on 9 June 1022. in which I informed you of the low food stocks at the school especially perishables since the ZWL$55 000.00 has been eroded by inflation.

Given the current food stocks, I write to inform you that the school will not be able to feed the learners beyond Wednesday, 22 June 2022 If we cannot restock our food stocks I will not be able to keep the children at school, hence I will ask you to collect our learners from school.

We, as a school remain committed to have our learners continue with their studies as we prepare them for their mid-year exams which should sun on 11 July 2022.

Therefore together we should find a solution.

Sincerely yours 

Kawadza S.


Prices of basic commodities have been going up recently, a situation that was worsened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February.

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Gafa 2 weeks ago

@John kkkkkkk wandipedza ayaa

i 2 weeks ago

kkkkk Asalif Daakkooo rako mwana atadzei arikutsvaga basa kkkk


john 2 weeks ago

hauna mwana kuboarding. hauna kuenda kuboarding. Basically you will never understand. Endai mumotora vana vabereki veHartzel musaterere makudo epano

mafirakureva JoJo chenjera 2 weeks ago

tese takaona Mari ichidonha value apa 555000 Aina chaingakwane zvekudya term rose iko kuchidiwa pamunhu over 900000 kudya pamwedzi
bring back the USA tishandise sempaya ngavape vashandi USA vocharger USA kuskul zvopera

Maparamuro 2 weeks ago

All schools buy food in bulk, they buy non perishables for a whole term and then perishables on a weekly basis. A school like this one should have poultry and piggery projects because it has plenty of land.
Looks like the SDC is lazy to think and whe that happens the head an take advantage and milk the parents dry

Maparamuro 2 weeks ago

@Asalif you definately don't know where the school is and you know nothing about the suggested projects. @Freda the situation could have been avoided with a good foresight

Asalif 2 weeks ago

poultry and piggery papiko iwe do you think it's a mission school do you expect that on a school in the center of the city kkkkkk they don't have a school farm land iripo maschool grounds

Freda 2 weeks ago

@maparamuro its is clearly stated that they ar no longer able to buy perishables.

2 weeks ago

pamwe ndiye atori mbavha yacho

Youth 1 2 weeks ago

Ndirikutsvagawo basa amana, ndakasvika A level ndikaita 10 points kuMPC. Chero basa rinoita, zvinhu zvakandiomera ndibatsireiwo hama. Number dzangu idzi kune vanodawo kundibatsira 0771143553

A reply to Asalif 2 weeks ago

you're selfish minded be a considerate human being

Asalif 2 weeks ago

wanyanyonetseka Seiko nhaiwe asi ndiwe watanga kupedza chikoro kahi 89% of the population is unemployed iwewe wakaona maresults ako last month wotaura zvebasa what about graduates tidzikamire iwe wakunyangadza more over hausati wapedza kudzidza kwacho

Uchbirwa nazvo izvi. Find other platforms 2 weeks ago


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