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Harare Woman Accused Of Hiring Gang To Rob Wealthy Married Lover

Harare Woman Accused Of Hiring Gang To Rob Wealthy Married Lover

A Harare woman allegedly hired an armed gang to rob her married lover of US$1 490 cash and various electrical gadgets.

The woman, Beaular Zimondi (33) appeared before Harare Magistrate, Taurai Manuwere, and was remanded in custody to 28 November.

Allegations are that Zimondi, of Ashdon Park in Harare, was unsatisfied with the financial assistance she was getting from her wealthy lover Jonathan Gapare.

Zimondi allegedly decided to hire armed robbers to rob the married man she has dated since 2020.

She is accused of planning the robbery together with four accomplices Daniel Mutasa, Taurai Pangai and two others only identified as Sir Calaz and Gunners, who are on the run.

The suspects reportedly met at several meet-up points, including Showgrounds and Mereki in Warren Park, planning how to rob Gapare.

On 29 October, the gang allegedly went to Gapare’s residence armed with pistols.

Upon arrival, they introduced themselves and misrepresented that they had been sent by Gapare’s client, Dingilwazo Moyo, to collect some money from him.

Gapare believed what the suspects had said and invited them into his house. However, upon entry, they produced pistols, and tied all occupants in the house using shoelaces and charger cables.

They demanded cash and the complainant surrendered US$1 490 and various electronic components before they escaped by scaling a precast wall.

Zimondi allegedly tendered a “confession” to the court saying she had, indeed, hired the gang to punish Gapare’s son who had beaten her sister, but the gang had decided to rob her lover instead.

She, however, later disowned the testimony arguing it was not given voluntarily but under duress. |

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Chigwishu paHotera 2 months ago

Yah true ma statements made under durex are not admissible in court.

Jah 🇿🇼 Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

Bathi enyathele udaka intathile 😂

. 2 months ago


Mdara Odza 2 months ago

Avoid materialistic women at all costs

2 months ago

Baba, ndivo vanovhura makumbo ivavo.

Rukudzo Primary Head Teacher 2 months ago

Ndarara Odza pse pse tengerai mukadzi wenyu ma panties asaramba achindinetsa

Boise 2 months ago



major 2 months ago

Seh Calaz/Sir Calaz anowanikwa pa Mbare ap why ZRP yakapusa so🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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