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Harare To Terminate Some Multi-million Dollar Deals - Mafume

Harare To Terminate Some Multi-million Dollar Deals - Mafume

Harare mayor Jacob Mafume said the City of Harare will re-evaluate some of the deals it entered into with various investors as some of them have failed to take off within the agreed timeframes.

Mafume said the partnerships between the Harare City Council and investors should help fund service delivery and those that are not in residents’ best interests will either be renegotiated or terminated. The City of Harare said in a statement:

Mayor [Jacob Mafume] says Council will re-evaluate some of the multi-million dollar deals it entered into with various investors most of which have not been performing or failed to take off at agreed time frames.

He said some of the partnerships will have to be renegotiated so that they benefit Council while dormant ones may be terminated.

In most of the deals, council provides land, and technical and intellectual input.

Mayor Mafume said the deals have to assist in funding service delivery and improving the lives of residents.

Harare City Council recently clashed with the Local Government and Public Works Ministry after it suspended its Pomona Waste to Energy Joint Venture Agreement with Geogenix B.V.

The local authority said it has no capacity to pay the Netherlands-based company for dumping garbage at Pomona dumpsite but the central government insists the deal cannot be cancelled.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, 20 July on the Pomona deal, the Secretary for Local Government and Public Works Zvinechimwe Churu cancelling the deal will damage Zimbabwe’s investor reputation.

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Investor reputation will not be damaged by terminating the dumpsite deal instead it will inspire confidence with the investors. That deal is rotten rakadhakwa humbavha chete huri pachena vakuru ngava nyarewo maresidents atambura necorruption from the central government.

🗣️ Voiceless🇿🇼 4 weeks ago

I kind like the attitude of the Mayor, fearless and on point courageous.
Standing for the people thus what a leader does, standing for the rights of the people for the benefits of the people.

CCC2023 4 weeks ago

vaChuru imbavha huru kwazvo naPamona July Moyo ,our hero Mafume ramba wakashinga ,ZANU pf is full of corrupt pple from its head to bottom,pamwe NeZacc wayo.
Aluta continua Mafume...Chamisa chete.chete

Truth 4 weeks ago

pavasingadye ndopavanoda kubvisa

c 4 weeks ago

CCC real change

Chapwititi 4 weeks ago

Pamona deal kunhuwa.

Gwedu 4 weeks ago

Just Do it✔️

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