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Harare To Allocate Residential Stands On Graveyard

Harare To Allocate Residential Stands On Graveyard

Graves in Harare’s Glen Norah high-density suburb will be removed and the area will be converted into 300 residential stands.

A notice of an application for the removal of human remains published in a recent Government Gazette reads:

Notice is hereby given that Glen Norah Housing Consortium has made an application, in terms of section 38 of the Cemeteries Act [Chapter 5:04].

To Harare City Council to undertake the removal of human remains from Residential Site TPX-WR-09/12 (300 Stands Glen Norah Township) to facilitate the development of residential stands.

Reports suggest the area being targeted is commonly known as Makunye around the Glen Norah flats area.

The notice advises people with any objections to the approval of such application to lodge their objections, in writing, with the Director of Amenities on the Fourth Floor, Rowan Martin Building, Harare.

They should do so within three months of the first publication of the notice.

Ward councillor, former Mayor Herbert Gomba (CCC), confirmed the development.

He said the area was allocated by the local authority to a group of cooperatives sometime between 2013 and 2014.

Clr Gomba added that there is nothing wrong with the allocation of residential stands on graves if the law is followed. He said:

They advertise inviting relatives to come forward and join in the exhumation. However, if they don’t then they are going to be reburied at cemeteries including Granville cemetery (commonly known as Mbudzi).

More: The Herald

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Mmm 3 weeks ago

The spirit's of the dead will not be happy, they will cause issues.

Tateguru 3 weeks ago

Pakaipa asi ndiyo way out iripo chete. Makuva ngaaiswe kunzvimbo dzisingazodiwi kushandiswa mangwana

Kule 3 weeks ago

Ndosaka ini ndichinovigwa kumusha, pamwe nevedzidza rangu.

Fari 3 weeks ago

Unenge wakashinga kuvaka imba pamusoro pemakuva.

mwana wachihera 3 weeks ago

Mmm kugara pamsoro pezvipoko...

doc wekwa zvimba 3 weeks ago

muchagara nazvo zvipoko rwendo rwuno

Mwakusha 3 weeks ago

Zvagara makuva anongovhukunyurwa after some time


Jj 3 weeks ago

comments no longer accessible??

Mwakusha 3 weeks ago

Are you sure?

dacker 3 weeks ago

endai kunovaka kumamisha uko

Mwakusha 3 weeks ago

Kwangu kumusha mutemo wakachinja kare. Hakusisina munhu achavigwa mu yard

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