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Harare Socialite Orders $364 500 Worth Of Food, Vanishes Without Paying

Harare Socialite Orders $364 500 Worth Of Food, Vanishes Without Paying

Social media personality Kudakwashe Hove, who is known on social media as @iamhove, has been found guilty of eating food worth ZWL$364 500 at a local restaurant without paying.

Hove pleaded guilty to defrauding Sabai Thai Restaurant in Ballantyne Park, Harare.

He also pleaded guilty to a theft charge for stealing the restaurant manager’s cellphone.

Hove snatched the cellphone which had been left on the counter while the owner was attending to other customers.

He was expected to be back in court on Tuesday, 17 January for sentencing.

Allegations were that on 10 January 2023, at around 7 PM, Hove went to the restaurant where he ordered a takeaway.

He then approached the cashier and indicated that he had paid for the takeaway using a Zipit transaction.

Hove allegedly went on to send a fake confirmation message to the receiving mobile number and presented it to the cashier as “proof of payment”.

The cashier processed the order but later noticed the fraud after Hove had already left the restaurant.

The restaurant was duped of food worth $96 300 on this occasion.

As if that was not enough, on 12 January, Hove returned to the same restaurant around 5 PM and ordered food worth $268 200.

He used the same tactic and went way after producing another fake proof of payment.

Hove was finally caught when he tried his luck for the third time and was handed over to the police. | H-Metro

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.... 1 week ago

vote ccc for real change

g 1 week ago

kkkkkk hanzi socialite. mbavha iyo. chinombonzi socialite chii, munhu anoita nezvei?

Totito 1 week ago

..I Nzenza kana kuti H.u.r.e. who can also be a thief kana kuti munhu ane zvikwambo(akaromba)

g 1 week ago

@ totito thank you ...i used to wonder the meaning of that word since all the characters associated with the title are of questionable repute 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

mutsa 1 week ago

kkkk hayaas

Kudakwashe Hove 1 week ago

Food yepa Sabai Thai inonaka guys ummm. Ndofunga ndichaitiswa community service.

1 week ago

Ndewe ccc mfana hove iyeyu

Ndini zvangu 1 week ago

Chikafu che364 500 chikafuhwai ichocho ada kutongotsvagawo mbiri datya uyu

truth 1 week ago

chikafu che ichocho kkkk

NdeweZANU Ka Uyu 1 week ago

NdeweZanu chete uyu.Munhu akakwana haabe chikafu che 364 0000 iyi

ini 1 week ago

chikafi rudzii chemsri iyoyo nyangwe at black market rate


screwdriver 1 week ago

haaaaaa hazvidi munhu anozikamwa pasocial media zvinonyadzisa

ABGJJLH 1 week ago

kkkkkkkkkkkkkk the cerevita and corn flakes generation of today is now stealing just to get likes and comments on social media kkkkkkk government needs to charge high taxes on Facebook and Instagram and make it difficult to use because our youth has lost focus because of useless things

Neat 1 week ago


gumlaz 1 week ago

aive atove nefood take away yakewo kkk cz haunyadyi zvikafu zvese izvi inonzi Zimbabwe kshaya mabasa kufunga zvese izvi

Dre 1 week ago

Aah Imi VePindula endai muDictionary muone kuti Socialite zvinomborevei.Uyo haasi socialite,he is a thief.

Zuze 1 week ago

Is he a socialite thief or is he a thieving socialite?

Jaison Muvhevhi 1 week ago

Hasiye hr Albion uya wekurova Liverpool pa wkend
Ndoona police haingamugoni

Gangemukange 1 week ago

I don't know him, it pays not to follow ****s on social media 😁😁😁

**** 1 week ago

Asi aitouya na Hwindi ne chingoro chekutakurisa food yacho

K.h.u.l.e.k.h.u.l.e 1 week ago

US or RTGS???

Tags 1 week ago

Has vanambavha avo!

Lingioo 1 week ago

Inzara yega yabata mkomana

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