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Harare Orders Removal Of Illegal Teardrop Flag Banners

Harare Orders Removal Of Illegal Teardrop Flag Banners

Harare City Council (HCC) has ordered businesses that have erected teardrop flag banners, also known as teardrop feather flags, along road servitudes and pedestrian walkways to remove them as the practice is illegal.

In a statement, the Harare City Council Department of Works warned companies that fail to remove the banners that they will bear the removal cost that will be incurred by the local authority. Read the statement:

City of Harare has witnessed a rapid increase in the use of marketing flags “tear-drops” along municipal road servitudes and pedestrian walkways.

“Tear-Drops” are a distraction to road users, impairing judgment and possibly causing accidents.

According to Harare (Control of Advertising Signs) By-Laws, 1981, it is illegal to install any advertising medium or structure within the City without permission from the Local Authority.

Such signs will be pulled down by Council. Companies are advised to erect flags inside their private properties.

In this regard, you are hereby advised to desist from mounting these flags along road servitudes.

Should you defy this notice, The Director of Works shall proceed to evoke the provisions of Section 20 as read with Section 29B of the aforementioned by law, that is to say City of Harare will remove the said illegal flags and charge the removal cost incurred to the affected entities.

Any representations or objections regarding this matter should be addressed to the Director of Works.

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