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Harare Mayor Vows To Take ZINARA To Court Over Road Funds

Harare Mayor Vows To Take ZINARA To Court Over Road Funds

City of Harare mayor Jacob Mafume has accused the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (ZINARA) of allocating “crumbs” to the local authority which has made it difficult for them to repair roads in the city.

He said the local authority l has no choice but to take ZINARA to court so that it can be deconstructed and vehicle licensing be brought back to the local authorities.

Mafume said the Harare City Council is now being forced to use its own funds and City Parking funds mostly for road rehabilitation as the allocations from ZINARA are insignificant.

He said the local authority’s failure to repair and maintain roads and the attendant infrastructure began when ZINARA took over.

According to a statement posted on the City of Harare’s Facebook page, in the last five years out of expectations of plus or minus US$60 million per year, the City of Harare received less than US$2.5 million per year.

The local authority said it has not received anything from fuel levy and carbon tax revenues in the past. Mafume was quoted as saying:

To illustrate the sad state of affairs in the Roads sector we had a target of 40km of road rehabilitation but because of funding constraints we only managed to do 12.5km of rehabilitation and in terms of routine maintenance our target was 450km and on this one we managed to do 436km using funds from City Parking Pvt Ltd and the budget provision.

If ZINARA funds were allocated during the first Quarter of the year, we could have done over 89km of Road Reseal, 52km of overlay and 20km of Road Reconstruction.

The last disbursement made in December 2022 meant that we could only do 15km of reseal, 8km of overlay and 3km of reconstruction.

Mafume said it was high time responsible authorities and Members of Parliament took heed of the calls by local authorities and residents to reform the ZINARA model.

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unnecessary 6 days ago


Alejandro 6 days ago

Yadeuka yadeuka's nolonger that worthy kuzozviona nhac kuti ZINARA has been thugging around the Scene kkkk mota dzichirira simbi day and night nema potholes ungati ipfumvudza forum...

Musa 6 days ago

Iwewe unenge uri nani than maMayor ataka pihwa kunoku anoswera akongo rara muma Office

6 days ago

Ndekupi asi kugokwe kwa mayor wadyajena

gg 6 days ago

Mafume account for the money disbursed to you. You are going to expose yourself by going to court because you dont have facts. Court needs evidence tangible. Dont try to hide your incompetence to the Public. Political sympathy will not help you.

@gg 6 days ago

"Court needs evidence tangible" what do you mean by that Bambo it shows you dont know anything Do you think he will just go to court without facts and figures

I love my Country 6 days ago

Harare Council inoba mari iyo. Imbavha.


Führer 6 days ago

Harare ****y kanzuru basa kughona kuchemera Mari apa mvura hamusi kupomba simple thing she bin hamusi kutora apa makuchemera Mari dzema road. 12 km dzamurikutaura iroad ipi yamakagadzira imi mega?

@I love my country & Fuhrer 6 days ago

Imi na ED wenyu ndimi mbavha

Black Adam ⚡ 5 days ago

Eeeeeh Guys regai ndikuudzei iri kutambika... U see ZINARA gets an average of $10 million USD every month hehehehe. Saka mari iri kurohwa chaizvo izvo not zvekutombo tamba zviya. Vanenge vakagara mumaOffice vasuuuuraaaa rough vachiverenga zvana Ma TT and watching maSkit. MaRoad ayo no potholes will fixed coz they drive Range rovers and SUV Mercs 🤣🤣🤣

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