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Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume Reiterates Harare Wants Its Pomona Dumpsite Back

Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume Reiterates Harare Wants Its Pomona Dumpsite Back

Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume has reiterated that Harare City Council (HCC) wanted its Pomona dumpsite back instead of lending it to Geogenix BV for 30 years.

Geogenix BV is a Netherlands-based investor identified by the local government ministry to construct a 22MW power plant at the site.

It was given its full ownership at the commencement of the US$344 million Waste-Energy deal three months ago. 

Local Government and Public Works minister July Moyo was identified as the man behind the multi-million-dollar deal, which is being fronted by Dilesh Nguwaya who is said to have close links with President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s family.

Norton legislator, Temba Mliswa, recently claimed that July Moyo got 10 per cent from the deal.

Addressing reporters at Town House this Wednesday, Mafume said individuals championing the deal will be dead after the 30 years it is supposed to run. He reiterated the remarks he made yesterday:

We have not climbed down on the Pomona deal, we want our dumpsite back,” said Mafume.

We do not have the money even if we were to pay, we will not allow council funds to be utilised for a purpose that is not with the residents, nor will we allow devolution funds to be used for a priority that is not determined by the council.

I want to assure residents and I want to make it clear that they are not paying (the debt) with council funds, and they are not paying with devolution funds. We do not agree to this contract, and we want the dumpsite back for the residents.

There is currently nothing at the site, besides an eight-roomed cottage and a jojo tank. There is no investment yet and we are expected to pay such large amounts of money.

This dumpsite was bought by the people of Harare in 1985, thereabouts. Where have you ever heard of a landlord paying for his own land.

Harare city council will be looking at an over US$2 million bill by end of this month after failing to settle the US$780 000 and US$1 million being demanded in previous months.

The agreement compels the local government authority to pay a daily US$22 000 bill whether it dumps waste or not. The figure will be doubled after 12 months.

Mafume said Harare prioritised its devolution funds for the purchase of ambulances, not Pomona adding that they “will exhaust all legal routes to reverse” the deal.

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Gwedu 3 weeks ago

ButJuly Moyo why so heartless? Nguway a why is he left pioneering such corrupt deals. It's a NO to such a open corruption deal. This proves the highest level of incompetence and extravagance in EDs era. Decentralization must be autonomous not Decentralization despotism. Mnangagwa has failed us totally !! He must to go !!

Tozivepiko 3 weeks ago

You have hit the nail on the head. July Pomona Moyo is acting on his master's corrupt orders. Why is the master quite when Harare residents are punished by Nguwaya (who happens to be EDs associate) Remember the Covid-19 scandal by the same Nguwaya and cartel associates?


Pakapinda vanaNguwaya panonetsa. Who negotiated the deal? This is corruption personfied the government should foot the bill period.

Hararian 3 weeks ago

Mafume is right why didn't they consult us the ratepayers why???


The Pomona Dumpsite deal smells a dead rat. Why did the government go for such an expensive deal ? Why did government negotiate this deal without councils knowledge ? Harare City Council has priotised ambulances which it wants to fund with its share of devolusion funds.

Some people in government have found out that devolusion fund is a vehicle for corruption.



Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

Tikaita vapfana 100 vakadai mu parliament tototi nyika inotongwa nevene vayo coz shady deals are the reason we blame sanctions 😂

Chamhamha 3 weeks ago

Taura hako Tsvarie. Kana mutauro uya wekuti Zim inovakwa nevene vayo apa unoshanda

Patriot 3 weeks ago

Ana temba mliswa manje manje uchakandwa mukati


Mukadota 3 weeks ago

Leaders who are born and not made

Captain Jack Sparrow 3 weeks ago

You call yourself rate payers! When was the last time you honestly paid your Bill's? Councillors are just mad/jealous because they were sidelined from a chance to participate in the shady deal kkkkkkkk

Mafirakureva Jeremiah 3 weeks ago

power corrupts
absolute power corrupts absolutely
wanton greed & pride has blinded the powerful
it's only a matter of time ...
the writing is on the wall

Nyoka Longo 3 weeks ago

So called New Dispensation of corrupt, illicit deals to enrich those of the first family and connected to it. There is no holding back and no sense of remorse, vakauya kuzotora nekuzvipfumisa chete

Mukadota 3 weeks ago

@blue 💙 nana Vybezs then you're busy supporting ZANU madness. What change does ZANU have to offer. Nguwaya was there pama covid funds. Auya futi. No shame ma ZANU. Ayas. Apa 8 roomed cottage yakutoda a million plus 💵 dollars

c 3 weeks ago

CCC real change

Da Truth 3 weeks ago

Imba inebasa koiwe unenge unerizivo tiudze ko Scott anozvifambisa sei

Mr Politician 3 weeks ago

did you know that Chamisa has got a mansion worth more than 2 million in South Africa where did he get that money

@ Mr Politician 3 weeks ago

Your mentality and Intelligence is that of a child. Grow up.

Joe Brownn 3 weeks ago

Chamisa is a businessman buddy kana iwewe fut u can buy a house in South Africa it's allowed.

Joe Brownn 3 weeks ago

that's my mayor, he firmly stood his ground unshakable. Well done Jacob.

Ratepayer 3 weeks ago

Vote in protest, Vote CCC2023.

legislator 3 weeks ago

come on Mafume kusvika vachati meeee pasi necorruption,!pasi nayo,!pasi nevanoiita!,pasi navo,!pasi nemacorrupt deals ,pasi nawo! pasi nevanomaita ,pasi navo! 2023 weeeee chakachaya

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