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Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume Blames Central Govt For HCC's Failure To Improve Infrastructure

Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume Blames Central Govt For HCC's Failure To Improve Infrastructure

Harare Mayor, Jacob Mafume has accused the central government of interfering with the affairs of the local government authority saying that has crippled the local authority’s capacity to improve infrastructure.

Mafume who is also a Councillor for the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) made the remarks after President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s call for local authorities to improve infrastructure development. Mnangagwa said at the official opening of Highlands Park last week:

I exhort the City of Harare to improve the infrastructure along development corridors, while at the same time enhancing access to water, refuse collection and upgrading the road network, among others.

Mafume, however, said local authorities were hamstrung by government interference. NewsDay cites him as saying:

We cannot improve in infrastructure development as Harare because they have taken all the revenue streams that belong to the City of Harare. Even on devolution funds, they gave ZWL$73 million out of the budget exceeding ZWL$2 billion.

The little money we have, they are allocating that money on buying expensive fire trucks and expensive contracts that will not help the City. Budget allocation should come to the City so that we prioritise infrastructure. We should have a situation where the City sets up the priorities.

The central government has often denied reports of interfering saying the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works just plays its oversight role on local government authorities.

Harare Residents Trust (HRT) director Precious Shumba said Mnangagwa’s call should come with adequate funding for local authorities.

The President’s call for the improvement of infrastructure is important. However, for this to happen, local authorities including the City of Harare should be allocated significant grants to undertake major infrastructural development projects.

For road projects, the City of Harare should be more transparent in the utilisation of City Parking revenues which should be used in upgrading road and parking infrastructure in the central business district.

Shumba said the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (ZINARA) should develop a predictable system of funds’ disbursements to local authorities if the desired goal of ensuring service delivery is to be attained.

He added that on their part, local authority governments have not been transparent in the utilisation of other revenues they generate which is “always a major challenge in the implementation of infrastructure development projects.” 

Combined Harare Residents Association programmes manager Reuben Akili said the City of Harare needs to improve infrastructure development and since these were huge capital projects, devolution funds should be used.

Akili also criticised the central government for setting priorities and dictating how these funds should be used to the extent of suggesting where to buy or purchase.

Akili speaks when Local Government Minister, July Moyo has been taken to court for allegedly imposing two deals (Pomona waste-energy deal and the firetrucks deal with Belarus) on Harare City Council.

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Zim 1 1 month ago

Nyika ino yakungoda Mwari vapindire


As long as our Constitution remains as it is currently, these teething problems will always be there.

Currently the Minister of Local Government is appointed by the ruling party from its structures. This means a Minister from a different political party supervises people from a party in the opposition. This scenario creates problems. This is why we have two deals, Pomona and Belarus Firefighters trucks which were done in obscurity without council input. The Minister is from the ruling party and councillors are from the opposition.

The scenario I think is conducive is where the ruling party [ through the President ] appoints a Minister of Local Government from the party which will have garnered more councils. This way ensures that a Minister will supervise his own. That Minister in turn is supervised by the President through cabinet meetings.




Yours faithfully

Bon appetit 1 month ago

It's a pity that Harare now resembles a run down city.It is a far cry from the sunshine city that we used to know.Vending has become the order of the day whilst the issue of touting continues unabated.Most of the challenges we are facing as a city can be traced to our economy which is in the doldrums.Besides that politics has not spared us leading to a situation where the tug of war between the ruling party and opposition to the detriment of service delivery.Until such a time that there is order and proper management Harare city will continue to be an eyesore.

Granny 1 month ago

Nhai Pindula madii ku blocker vanhu vanotaura zvinyadzi nokutuka vanhu.Zvakutobhowa.Block them

Duduzani 1 month ago

Harare City Council is rotten with corruption irregardless of politics, for close to a decade now the city is pumping sewage water to residents. Land barons are dining with city fathers, garbage is not being collected. Who whosoever wishes to erect an illegal structure whether a shop or house does so without fear. Car wash in the CBD of Harare is the order of the day. Whoever takes the reigns of power within that city is prioritizing their stomach and family. The cartel within HCC is unshakable, remember the days when City Council Police was earning hefty salaries, almost double to that of civil servants. Take comparison with her sister city Bulawayo, they are trying to give clean water to residents, garbage is collected, the CBD is clean and well maintained. HCC should lead by example, yi**** nje abasenzela yona hiding behind politics whilst they are looting.

Saviour Chombo 1 month ago

Ok so you cannot do infrastructure development. Ko zvisiri zve infrastructure.Removing trash from CBD and collecting bins.

Andrew 1 month ago

Bush Lawyer unogona analysis yako ndaifarira.ko saka July akazobvuma kuti mafume ndiye mayor kkkk.zanu so kkkk


Never 1 month ago

For sure Harare used to be the Sunshine City. Compared to what it is now.

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