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Harare Man Shoots Himself During A Dispute With His Wife

Harare Man Shoots Himself During A Dispute With His Wife

A 52-year-old man from New Cranborne in Harare shot himself to death following a dispute with his 46-year-old wife on Tuesday.

The man, Pasipamire Kanyimo, shot himself after his wife only identified as Virginia had allegedly told him that she did not want to be in a relationship with him anymore, according to H-metro. 

An argument followed which assumedly forced Kanyimo to manhandle his wife Virginia leaving her unconscious.

Kanyimo somehow believed that he had just murdered his own wife who was now lying unconscious.

He hurriedly left the scene and shot himself to death on the left side of his head. Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza confirmed the incident. Said Insp Chakanza:

Police are investigating a case involving a man believed to have shot himself to death in Cranborne. 

Circumstances were that the wife had a misunderstanding with the now deceased”.

One of the house occupants said the now deceased told her that he was going to shoot himself and she ran to their neighbour for assistance.

On their return, they found the now deceased lying in a pool of blood.

In August this year, a 59-year-old Harare man shot himself once in the head with a gun at his house in Gunhill under unclear circumstances.

Suicide cases continue to increase countrywide with some attributing the rise to depression, a condition that has been prevalent in the country since the eruption of COVID-19.

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hadzj ndide chete 1 month ago

aaaa akazvipfurira kurabwa iye ari murume why

jonso 1 month ago

Aah lo laye

1 month ago

Men are weak....... The rate at which they are commiting suicide due to domestic disputes is so alarming...... 21 Nov we buried one of my friends after he take rat poison ...... Please ladies forgive us we are so weak

pindula comment section 1 month ago

is so classless

Cursed 1 month ago

the rise to depression, a condition that has been prevalent in the country since the eruption of zanupf.

NHUBU 1 month ago

kuzviurayira munhuwo zvake vausina kusika futi

Babalao 1 month ago

Vese varikuda kuzviuraya ndinokumbirawo mozozviuraya after maElection 2023 mambovhota. Tatenda 👏👏

👤 1 month ago

nhai nhai vakushotesa vote vanhu ivava


1 month ago

Shuwa shuwa kutenga pfuti kuti uzozviponda nayo now that's lame

Dred 1 month ago

Stonyeni kills. At birth you use stonyeni to exit the womb. You die because of stonyeni. He who does not believe can go back to stonyeni

Music Fan 1 month ago

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Dj AlfT Nigga 1 month ago

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Ndini 1 month ago

Nditamba bhora not muzik blaz kkkk ndaitoda hangu kumbohwa voice rangu paFon yangu not yenyu

1 month ago

Till Death Do Us Apart....

shapiro 1 month ago

Thats one time we meet the earth.......zvinorwadza zvekuti unenge waka waster a lot on the marriage uchiti murimese all of a sudden zvunhu zvodhakwa mumwe oda kuita jump out of the ship .......yes yu can kil yourself **** rosara haro richifara nevairi furira ..........vakadzi vanobhowa zvekuti vanoda flush kaana zvambodhakwa the cant wait nxaaaa .......chisarai amai nezvikomba zvenyu 1000......musatombochema henyu ......haunyare kuurayisa munhu nxaaaaaa

vamwe vanhu 1 month ago

munoda zvinyadzi kwanai

i 1 month ago

musatambe nekuzviuraya guys siyanai nepfambi idzodZo moenderera mberi nelife.

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