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Harare Man Dies During A Week-long Prayer And Fasting Vigil

Harare Man Dies During A Week-long Prayer And Fasting Vigil

A 43-year-old Harare man reportedly died of hunger at a mountain in Murewa during a week-long prayer and fasting vigil, NewsDay Zimbabwe reports.

The now-deceased, Emmulate Chakara of East View in Harare, was discovered dead by a villager who had gone to the foot of the Murewa mountain to relieve himself.

Police in Mashonaland East province confirmed the incident in a statement.

It is reported that on July 27, the deceased and his friend Tineyi Kachiri (47) travelled to Mhurudze mountain in Murewa for a week-long prayer and fasting session.

After two days, Chakara told his colleague that he wanted to disembark from the mountain, but was advised not to do so since it was late.

They slept on the mountain until around midnight when Kachiri woke up and discovered that his friend was missing.

The deceased did not return to the mountain until the following day, prompting Kachiri to report the matter to a village head.

On August 2, Chakara’s body was discovered by a villager at the foot of the mountain who reported the matter to the police.

The deceased’s body was ferried to Musami Hospital where a post-mortem indicated that the deceased died of low sugar in his body.

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Gwedu 1 month ago

Your picture is an insults mashaya rinwe here? kana pasina hapana.

youth 1 month ago

ko Jeso akatsanya 40 days

Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

Do not fast if you are not inspired by the Holy Spirit to do so. Check your bibles, before Jesus went to the desert & fasted for 40 days & nights, he was first moved by the holy spirit to do so. Avoid these high & low places where evil dwells. Unobva mugomo imomo watakura 700 more demons like Legion. You are more physically & spiritually vulnerable when you fast. That's when the Devil comes to tempt you. Dont ever try to copy Jesus, Jesus was Superhuman that's why 40 days was nothing to him.

Punk Star 1 month ago

Very true you have to be inspired by the Holy Spirit.But there is no one called Legion in the Bible.Legion means 6000.Which means that there is a man in the bible who had a legion of demons

Ginious 1 month ago

tru kumakomo ikoko zvakawanda zvinoitika.vanosvikirwa varimo,white garment churches are also there,nguvo tsvuku ,mbava dzobira vanhu.its a dangerous place to be.ndakamboenda mayambara looking for a place to pray ndakanetseka kupawana,kwaiva kwakazara apa vanosvikirwa,nguvo tsvuku,white garment ,n'anga,vanewo maboyfriend avo apo.Thats why ana Zaoga,Phd,Ufi vaine maprayer mountains avo vega.Some opt to spend time alone kumaParish avo madays kunenge kusina vanhu for prayer it helpful.

facts 1 month ago

naked truth, that's wr most people get lost ipapo. Only the Holy spirit can make it happen not out of our on understanding

war vet 1 month ago

Wish him life after death

Zelensky 1 month ago

All the way from harare to Murewa kuyenda kugomo kunomata!!!. These people are ignorant of John 4 when our Lord responded to the samarian woman. Uyezve fast dzenyu idzi dzisiri lead by the holy Spirit ma1 siyanai nazvo.

💎 1 month ago

you lack knowledge thus why you say so...

pk 1 month ago

uye mazuva ano hazvisi zvekuteedzera zvekutsanya. Hutano wevanhu wasiyana.
vari diabetic musatsanya, bp , hiv anthritis, munonwa sei mapiritsi mune nzara. sababa awo sugar level yakazodzika zvakanyanya nekuda kwenzara. vafundisi dzidzisayi hwai dzenyu zvinoenderana nenguva

mommy 2 weeks ago

very true vazhinji vaakurarama nemishonga for different ailments. so hazvichada mitsanyo. yu will be going against your health demands. after all kutsanya is not only a way yekunamata. do not risk your health. we live once.

me 1 month ago

Thursday hako gwedu


me 1 month ago

taura hako gwedu

un 1 month ago

nyaya dzekutsanya idzi uuuu tsanyai mega ini hngu chikafu ndochida

💎 truth 1 month ago

it was his time and it was God way for calling him home, these statements that y'll are making don't make any sense at all.
and it's not amazing or what for someone to pass on while in prayers.

thus why those anti Christ they die while in beer walls.
and next time pindula... kindly respect the christian community, thus a mockery picture you just used there.
don't mock the christian community like that

Zapi nax 1 month ago

Drinking beer doesn't mean you are anti-Christ.

SimonPeter 1 month ago

The man was called by God. Death & life are all in God's hands, he was otherwise called in a clean & pleasing way.# Dying with Christ. Rest in eternal power Our christian Hero, hoping to meet you ahead.

bond 1 month ago

@simon peter kana usingazivi nyarara nekuti ua telling us zvinhu usina kufunga how can you say God cancel his life and called him Our God is not responsible in taking lives or causing death because He is Love how can he take someone's life and left the family suffering Read your Bible very well and do not blame Our God for bad things that happen to us read Hebrews 2:14 for who cause death and also Job 12:34-36 and James 1:13
Do not just utter words because it's said by pastors or that's what everyone believe find for yourself about God
keep on searching of the correct answers

me 1 month ago

vanhu nzwisisai Bible kana muchiverenga. the quoted verses ummmm. plus Job 12 ends at verse 25

Ntaba 1 month ago

@bond the last verse of Job 12 it's verse 25,and unkulunkulu uyavuma umuntu afe akufi kuphela abalezono labalungileyo bayafa.maybe you mis interpret James 1

Nyikayaparara 1 month ago

Aiwa chief ava vanga vagara vanechirwere cheSugar kufaster one week haufi vamwe tinopinda two weeks and some days

Addy 1 month ago

l think that God as a way of letting people come to him either a drunkered nor a Christian, cause when he's time is right for a human to pass on it does not matter where an individual is. So all the questions my be asked, qurrels my be Done but the truth is He coming on Earth , Jesus edged as is people to be ready for entenal life .

mutadza 1 month ago

ndava kumbotsanya nyararai

Tambai Njuga 1 month ago

Murume uyu haana kupedza 3 days mugomo uye haisi nzara yakamuuraya. Anofanira kunge aive diabetic.

N'anga 1 month ago

Akarohwa nezvishiri

SavieMfaco 1 month ago

Wish him life after death

tt 1 month ago

rest in peace

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