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Harare Hotels Refuse To Accommodate MPs Over Unpaid Bills

Harare Hotels Refuse To Accommodate MPs Over Unpaid Bills

Hotels in Harare this week refused to provide accommodation to Members of Parliament when they wanted to check in ahead of Parliament sitting due to non-payment.

Legislators from out of Harare are usually booked into hotels when they come for Parliament sittings but Parliament has been delaying in settling the hotel bills owed to various hotels.

The issue was raised in the National Assembly by Makoni Central legislator David Tekeshe (MDC Alliance). He said:

Thank you, Madam Speaker. My point of privilege arises on the issue of accommodation for Members of

Parliament. We have been receiving calls from Members of Parliament who are being chased away from hotels – we are now sick and tired of this.

As Hon. Members, it is embarrassing for one to be turned away from one hotel to the next.

May there be an arrangement where people can be given sufficient funds to ensure that people are able to look after themselves?

In Uganda, Members are not provided accommodation, but they are given sufficient funds for them to look for their own accommodation.

If Parliament cannot provide us with accommodation, we must be given funds to look for accommodation.

It is embarrassing moving from one hotel to the other as Members of Parliament.

For the four years, I have been a Member of Parliament, this has been the most embarrassing year for me for failing to secure accommodation.

In Uganda, they are allocated 10 000 for accommodation and fuel and they are given their salaries so that they take care of themselves.

In her response, the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Tsitsi Gezi said she had taken note of the issue. Gezi said:

Thank you Honourable Tekeshe, we have heard what you have said, it is demeaning indeed for an Honourable Member of Parliament to be turned away from a hotel where they will be expecting to get accommodation and where they are supposed to be respected as Honourable Members and moving from one hotel to the other does not give them a good image. I have taken note of that.

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Tete 1 month ago

Vapeyi mari varare kuma**** emuma Avenues, simple😁

Tete 1 month ago


Garwe 1 month ago


Gwedu 1 month ago

If we keep on leaving zanu ichidai, we will's high time tolerating such nonsense

Bossolona 1 month ago

We gave u cars, sleep in them and stop making noise

Doug 1 month ago

Is Parliament sincere and serious when it calls them Honourable when it leaves them to be scoffed at by hotel receptionists and hotel porters? In Zimbabwe things are not moving because we are always pretending to be what we are not, pretending to be who we are not. Is Parliament also pretending to be when its members are treated as such? Is this also why the laws it passes are ignored and not being effected by other sections of society?

🗣️Apolitically 1 month ago

yah you don't expect fast payments for accommodation as MP's while you doing less for those who placed you there.

Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

Opposition legislators are the ones who are chased away kkkkkkk wakaomera use your own monies ...


Mhofu 1 month ago

Ndozvaukaitira M P kuda kurara muma hotera nema girlfriends enyu , takura vanhu mu road pakuuya uwane mari ye **** neye hotera

cas 1 month ago

Hey hapana munhu asina hama mu Harare mhani musada kuita noise isina basa ko kana zvikanzi waenda ku funaral ku Harare unonorara ku hetel or unotorara panze hako parupasa

Muiteriopetis 1 month ago

Hure Hoe Prostitute?

i 1 month ago

zvema hotera luxury iyo you guys benefit a lot nhaika ko kungouya wosvikira kuhama yako or even kurara mumota

Adolf Hitler 1 month ago

Is there any Member of Parliament who doesn't own a house in Harare?

bvananguy 1 month ago

maybe the new Parliament building at mount Hampden will offer accommodation??? kikikikiki

chixpro 1 month ago


Majority Rule 1 month ago

Soon they will have Lodges forED

Denier 1 month ago

Ma MP asade kunetsa,,,,yaa ngavadzingwe ,nokuti havakoshesi vakavaisa ipapo kkk

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