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Harare Gives An Update On The Water Situation To Residents

Harare Gives An Update On The Water Situation To Residents

Harare City Council has assured residents that it will resume pumping water to households late on Monday, 25 April.

In a statement, this Monday, the City of Harare said that it faced “unprecedented challenges at Warren Control” that disrupted its plans to resume pumping as scheduled. Read the statement:

Dear Residents: We apologise for the late resumption of water supplies to households.

We faced unprecedented challenges at Warren Control which made it difficult to resume pumping last night.

We expect to start pumping late today.

Harare City Council announced on Friday, 22 April, that it would be shutting down Morton Jaffray Water Treatment Plant over the weekend.

Council said this was being done to pave way for the replacement of a corroded reservoir feeder pipe and the installation of reservoir, suction and discharge valves at Warren Control

The City of Harare said the waterworks would be shut down from Friday at 1600 hrs to Sunday 24 April at 1400 hrs.

Prior to the announcement, several suburbs, among them Warren Park, had been without water for three days, forcing residents to buy the precious liquid from the few boreholes available in the suburb.

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aaa 3 weeks ago

igaroziva kti gudo wakaona Toyota mahobi mubvumbi wabvira Kare ndomaitiro awo mazanu pf

😖😖 3 weeks ago

Kartel ane mhinduro chete. anenge anogara ku Epworth anonyengerera tittle deed kkkkk. haafunge uyu

mediocrity 3 weeks ago

how can you replace mediocrity with rhetoric chamisa is rhetoric on legs

cllr 3 weeks ago

ko kuma hospitals kusina any accesory or medic ndiChamisa fti here ,Chaora chinhu ichi

Bvanyangu 3 weeks ago

Meanwhile Redcliff has gone for more than one month without a single drop of tap water.
Here lack of tap water is more of a tradition with so called councilors gearing up to be voted bsck into office kkkkkkkk.

Extraterrestrial 3 weeks ago

Kunokorwa tsoka chaiko kkkkk

pumura 3 weeks ago

zim is deemed kuroiwa neakafa chaiko

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