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Harare Family Kicked Out Of House Bought 23 Years Ago

Harare Family Kicked Out Of House Bought 23 Years Ago

A Harare family is now living in the open after being evicted from a house purchased 23 years ago.

Abraham Chawodza, from Kuwadzana, bought the house from a neighbour who is now based in Malawi.

Chiwodza claims that he did not change ownership of the property and the purported seller only resurfaced three years ago to reclaim ownership of the house. Said Chawodza:

After signing the agreement of sale, I gave them 68 000 dollars and later gave them a 8 000 dollars. I then asked them to change the name but he claimed to be busy with something hence the delays. But I was later told the son wanted to come and chase me away…What hurts me most is that I built three rooms now I’m out when we had rains mosquitoes, I have four children.

From a legal perspective, an agreement of sale is valid for 3 years, which means that one risks losing the property if they do not acquire title deeds within that period.

Mr Conwell Muzhanye, a lawyer said some agents can take advantage of those desperate or probably ignorant to dupe them later. He added:

At law, an agreement of sale is valid for 3 years and most people don’t know this. This is one loophole that can lead them to be duped.

Nicodemus Kuipa, the Chairperson of Estate Agents Council of Zimbabwe, said aspiring homeowners have to be careful. He explained:

One has to understand the kind of property they are dealing with, there are mortgages, there are deeds that require different personnel as third parties. If the property involves council then they need to be available to authorise sales. But what we call upon is for society to engage verified agents who can be tracked.

Many people in modern-day society have lost their hard-earned money after buying assets from bogus agents.

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ZIbe 6 months ago

3yrs inoitirwa kuti gvnt iwane revenue pakuzoisa muzita rako ingave ne mota chaiyo
Coz gvmnt is loosing out daily

Doroguru 6 months ago

Ku Gweru lodger rakapiwa eviction notice rikaramba kubuda mumba. Only for the landlord to negotiate sharing the house,lodger rikaramba instead rakabudisa hembe dza landlord panze nemvura iyoyi. We are burying the guy tomorrow so🤦

Vanxoo 6 months ago

Beware umwe anovharwa mweya apo mi I'm out

Benhilder 6 months ago

Chokwadi tambai zvakanaka haasi mahumbwe aya...seiko vanhu tichida ku taker advantage nezvimwe zvinorwadza vamwe.

Ref technician 6 months ago

Panofa munhu apa, tambayi zvakanaka.i am out


Ak 6 months ago

Ko for the past 23 years he was paying rent here??? Ko iye ari kut ndiye muridzi wemba, for the past 23 years aiti imba iri kugarwa nani

Uthando Graca Mlambo 6 months ago

Unfortunate indeed but this is purely classified as a civil matter so police cant be involved.

Mnkwaz 6 months ago

Taura henyu pamwe pacho kunatira vanhu they have to explain past 23 yrs vanga vari kupi aibhadhara rent marii mbavha hadzisungwe sei bt iwe wotogara munba mabirwa munhu n feel comfortable

R`G 6 months ago

The three year think is unecesry ngatisango bvume kudzvanyirirwa netumutemo we should criticise such laws

Dr huni 6 months ago

I also didn't know about this 3yr thing surely people need to be educated about these things

Fortune Muchuchuti 6 months ago

An eye-opener for sure,I personally didn't know about the 3 year expiration of the agreement of sale,let's be ever so careful over these tricky legal matters

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