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Harare Doctor Accused Of Injecting Animal Medicines Into Humans

Harare Doctor Accused Of Injecting Animal Medicines Into Humans

A Harare doctor Jack Stone has appeared before the courts accused of injecting animal medicines into humans during the peak of COVID-19 in Zimbabwe.

It is alleged that there was no clinical evidence that the medicine is safe and effective, according to

Stone, who is allegedly advocating a combination of therapy for patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19, appeared Thursday before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi.

However, Stone defended herself, stating that she was given approval by the Medical Research Council of Zimbabwe to treat people, but the issue was that “some members in the medical sector are very conservative and they do not want any change”.

Her lawyer said Stone was experienced to an extent that fears regarding her operations should be cleared.

Stone got in trouble after a letter of complaint was written to the Registrar of Medical and Dental Professional Council of Zimbabwe and signed by Rashida Ferrand, a Professor of International Health, several experts and other health professionals who complained Stone’s actions needed urgent review.

They also want her fitness to continue practising in the country reviewed.

However, and led by her lawyer, Stone told the court that “I graduated with an MBCH first class degree in 1999”. She told the court:

I also have a traditional healer’s practicing licence. l did my internship in South Africa because of the lack of resources in Zimbabwe. l have 35 years of practising as a health practitioner and have 6 publications so far.

This is the third pandemic l have encountered as a health practitioner. Some members in the medical sector are very conservative and they do not want any change.

Stone said between December 2020 and January 2021, there was so much chaos after many medical practitioners closed shop and ignored calls while people were dying in car parks and at home.

She denied administering any medication or treating anyone on January 18 as alleged, adding she never got any complaints from the public. Responding to allegations that she injected human medicines into humans, she said:

l have never and would never inject animal evidence into a human being and l challenge anyone who can say that he has been injected with animal medicine to come before the court.

In a letter to the council, it was alleged that Stone had transgressed the strong code of conduct that the medical profession is bound to, and was potentially putting her patients at risk of harm. She denies the allegations.

The trial continues on Monday next week.

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zmuzimba 1 month ago

kana zvaibatsira vanhu nekusaver hupenyu zvisiteyi zviende mberi

Scientist 1 month ago

Above all the species that are mixed together when making medicine are the same for both human beings and animals. Only labelling differs but the come from the same labs. Another difference is that although they are the same it has been marked that medicine for the human side must be priced at a high margin compared to that for animals just to blinker our minds so that we sweep away the similarity theorem out of our minds...

Billboard Of Public Opinions 1 month ago

Very agreeable. Even up to now some people don't know that the virus COVID has always been there as a disease to even domestic animals such as cattle. The vaccine to treat COVID in animals has already been there in vet shops before the emergency emergence of this Covid 19 which some of you came to know of it only in 2019.

▫️ 1 month ago

And only scientists can understand that and not arts spe****ts 🤣

Pablo 1 month ago

True some of our medical practitioners are very Conservative. When COVID 19 ravaged the whole world in 2019, no one was prepared for the catastrophic disease. That happened to an extent that most scientists forgot that Covid 19 was already a disease in our cattles and donkeys. Only the swift medical scientists in some parts of the country knew it and hurriedly changed labels of those animal medicines to suit human consumption yet the drugs are the same as the virus is the same. Those swift scientists made billions of dollars selling the already existing animal medicines while our local medical practitioners only recommended drugs for common flue.

▫️ 1 month ago

Point, avo vakurwadziwa are those who did limited studies when they were at UZ doing medicine kkkkk they just got their lifetime shock when they saw others making lots of money out of rebranding of pre-existed medicines... Mushonga wemhuka wakachipa kudarika wevanhu minus even upto 2 times so if I order from Vet at a cheaper tag it is obvious I will take money 3 fold from the human side...

Ngwaraiwo mukasire kubatsira vanhu, munongonyora maCV kuti hanzi good at problem solving kkkkk chiitai prac tione dololo

Sorry kune vane godo...

Cde Jabs 1 month ago

So it means everyone including myself and you who went for covid 19 vaccination was injected an animal vaccine and nothing bad about that as long as we all survived the disease.

$ 1 month ago

The likes of ana PENICILLIN kkkk nderei mombe imbwa kana vanhu kkkk?

Da Truth 1 month ago

Kufunda kwakakosha kkkk all medicines are tested on animals first before humans.We have lab rats,monkeys kkkkkkk saka apa murikutiii nhaiii it seems our doctor is making more cash than other doctors here they want to elbow him out using the courts.Gid luck doc in yo medicine war

▫️ 1 month ago

by kilograms of the patient on administering

Scientist 1 month ago

Cde the is nothing called animal or human medicine, they are all medicine just medicine. They are differentiated mainly by kilograms of the patient, but the contents in them are the same.

The Adjudicator 1 month ago

The syringe needled package filled with Animal cure is a superb dosage for any living creatures. Humans and animals are all creatures but different in terms of capabilities, hormones and genes. Animal poison won't be comparable to human herbs. That Doctor deserves persecution.
A warranty of attempted murder is the option.
l rest my Case!

The Adjudicator 1 month ago

To my adjudicative side l also did Physics and Medicine, so l know!

Doc 1 month ago

Scientists understands this and it is any option if resources are a scarce even WHO is agreeable but it should be done secretly in the name of saving lives...And judges may take it to be a crime simply becoz they are not scientific 🤣


dispenser 1 month ago

very kind and intelligent doctor

Ana Dispenser veWoodwork garai pasi 1 month ago

The drug in question ivermectin is approved by the American FDA for treatment of parasitic worms.Stone successfully used it on Covid patients. The issue is just that the drug had not been approved by the Zim Medicines Authority for that use.

Swagger 1 month ago

what about monkey pox which medicine should humans take animal medicine/human medicine? .

Ginious 1 month ago

animal of course

Ms Stone 1 month ago

Hahahahaha I dieded a die🤣


It's amazing to see inferior complex house negros not complaining that they were treated as animals by being given animal medicine yet if it was a black Zimbabwean doctor all hell will break loose and the mighty ZANU PF would be to blame.


chipo 1 month ago

trials.....experiments...ingoti Zimbabweans
tinokurumidza kudyira

John 1 month ago

Free Jack, she didn't do anything wrong.

Abracadabra 1 month ago

#Free Dr Stone!

Jack Bauer 1 month ago

Mr judge ngavambotsvaga history ye depo proveira vasati vaita judgement

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