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Harare City Speaks On Space Barons At 4th St Bus Terminus

Harare City Speaks On Space Barons At 4th St Bus Terminus

Harare City Council (HCC) has expressed concern over the invasion of the Fourth Street Bus Terminus by space barons who are creating an illegal market.

In a notice seen by Pindula News, the local government authority urged members of the public not to pay anyone to use the tables on “the illegal market.” Reads the notice:

Council has noted with concern the invasion of Fourth Street Bus Terminus by space barons who are creating an illegal market.

The City is urging the space barons to remove their shacks before Council moves in to assist.

By this notice members of the public and vendors are being urged not to pay anyone to use tables on the illegal market.

Only council officials are mandated to allocate vending spaces.

Council recognizes the important role played by the informal sector in the national economy especially during this period when our country is facing macro-economic challenges.

We accept that the informal sector is critical in income generation but there is need to balance that with order and compliance with by-laws.

Harare City Council is reportedly losing millions of dollars in revenue to space barons who are collecting revenue from vendors at the city council’s vending sites.

Reports say vendors are allocated vending stalls by Zanu PF officials, especially under Chipangano and are paying fees to these space barons. 

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4 weeks ago

That's what happens in a lawlessness country, run by a thugs and thieves. The ruling party cannot dislodge the so called space barons coz they are their own people whose vote is needed in elections.

Ummm 4 weeks ago

Kkkkk wats yo interest ipapa ... tsano vanhu vangwara havachabyzika easy .Bt anyway everyday a fool is born

Mujibha 4 weeks ago

Only the mighty Zanu can manage HCC to bring order and sanity. Others are very weak and have no power.

o'brien 4 weeks ago

So where is July Moyo nhaiwe @Mujibha. Don't 4get kuti the current mayor ndiye akavhara Pamona deal ranaJuly Moyo raitora ma millions. July Moyo is the one ane power over HCC coz his previous actions proved so but CCC haisekereri corruption.

Everyday a fool is born 4 weeks ago

eg PK

4 weeks ago

... and Mujibha

4 weeks ago

.... and VYBZ Kartel

nostro vostro 4 weeks ago

ndiregererewo ndingoriwo rombe risina charinoziva 😭😭😭😭😭


4th Street 4 weeks ago

Nzvimbo iye inopisa,pana 4th pane base re Zanu Pf Harare Province nechekumusoro kwe rank so vakapa mayouth freedom yekutonga rank yese .there is also a car park ine motokari dzirimo dzakapiswa during riots sooo haaaa kuye inon starter it's another mupedzanhamo

Dubs 4 weeks ago

Rank marshals are in control and always brag about their powers from the top. They are untouchable.

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