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Harare City Leases Rufaro Stadium To Sakunda Holdings For Refurbishment

Harare City Leases Rufaro Stadium To Sakunda Holdings For Refurbishment

The City of Harare has agreed to lease Rufaro Stadium to Sakunda Holdings to get a facelift.

ZBC News reports that the Council approved Sakunda’s proposal for a long lease and gave the authority to the Acting Town Clerk to sign a Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of the local authority.

The deal was agreed upon during a full chamber meeting on the 28th of February,

Sakunda Holdings proposes to refurbish the stadium to meet FIFA standards and spruce up Belgravia Sports Club which will be used as a training ground by Dynamos.

ZBC News reports that Dynamos had initially approached the city council with a lease proposal, but it was turned down, as the local authority was unwilling to give full management rights to a single club.

In submitting their proposal, Sakunda Holdings promised to install bucket seats in the stadium, refurbish the sewer and water reticulation system as well as construct a road to the football match venue.

The stadium has not been used for over three years and currently lies in a sorry state due to neglect.

Different apostolic sects use it to conduct their rites while opportunists have turned part of the sports ground into a car park.

The duration of the lease is not yet known, but once the refurbishment works are complete, Dynamos Football Club will use it as their home ground, with other clubs being allowed to rent it for their matches.

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booster jab 3 months ago

Yaa darikai nepa chibuku stadia isati yavakwa dzimba mukati

Shampoo 3 months ago

Kana nematara emuma Road ipai madhiri kuma businessman anogona kugadzirisa. Ko Government yacho ine mari here? Unoshaya kuti mari yacho inoyendepi Nyika ichi parara. Ko ku National Sports Stadium vakazo gadzirisa here?

Kkk 3 months ago

Be Zifa yacho inotobiwa

Vybz Kartel 3 months ago


kkkk 3 months ago

Inotogona kutozobirwa magedhe acho,ikasara yava dongo

Cedisani makotowe 3 months ago

Tipeiwo eufa cl results


Ricky Rick 3 months ago

Ndezve kuMamur

Bright 3 months ago

Yagona sakunda dai yakauya nekuno fti yosota chibuku stadium

ziSuper reBlue 3 months ago

the best they could do,, everything to Tagwirei

Jack Bauer 3 months ago

Atleast zvirinani....ngavatore ne National Sports Stadium yacho futi

dck 3 months ago

zviri nani kurembera pane kudonha

3 months ago

philimon 3 months ago

magona veSakunda muRufaro ndimo matino kwachurira madinga isu maDembare

Greedy 3 months ago

Pakanakai apa ko dzimba dzedu dzekugara ma flats ayo matoreyi futi for 50years renovat them aswell nema sewer Acho😭😭

AK soko 3 months ago

Thanks sakunda

zimboy 3 months ago

this boy who owns sakunda seems like he always wins lucrative deals from the govt...I'm flattered bcz ndiye tagwireyi uye wekupihwa masanctions neUSA other weds why govt continue working with robbers ,some1 who doesn't care about others fakofu nxae

boss vedah 3 months ago

@dee research more on this guyz. the deals r not clean.

dee 3 months ago

he was put under sanctions for supporting the govt. he does not steal but ma deals ake ari real

Shadows 3 months ago

Right direction

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