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Harare City Council Criticised For Dumping Waste Near Houses In Mbare

Harare City Council Criticised For Dumping Waste Near Houses In Mbare

Harare City Council (HCC) has been criticised for continuing to dump waste near houses in Mbare with residents organisations calling on the local government authority to stop it!

The Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) says the garbage is creating a serious health hazard to Mbare residents.

The illegal dumpsite which is located at Corner Chaminuka and Seke Street, Joburg lines opposite Mbare Musika bus terminus has started piling up.

In July this year, Mbare residents petitioned Harare City Council over the issue but the city fathers ignored the petition.

CHRA called on the City of Harare to urgently comply with Mbare residents’ request which is in accordance with section 70 (1) of the Environmental Management Act 20:27.

The cited section states that “No person shall discharge or dispose of any waste in a manner that causes environmental pollution or ill health to any person.”

CHRA also cited section 73 of the Zimbabwean Constitution which provides that every citizen has a right to a clean environment.

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gdff 1 month ago

ed mkosho wako

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Pamona, basop city fathers ahii...

Vulnerable Resident 1 month ago

Imagine !

Tawanda 1 month ago

you he goat imbecile man @ vybz Kartel you are foolish disgusting wretched man **** you utaure pawaswera nezvaunoziva bastard impretent old poor man

Banana 1 month ago

Ingochani yatorerwa partner

@ tawanda 1 month ago

vbyz kartel huya upedze nyaya dzako.thanks biggerz.

@ biggerz 1 month ago

kasi i ngoch*ani yakahwanda here?hasha dzacho kuita kunge cover up.

biggerz 1 month ago

Anga achibvunza chingochani akanzi asi uri imwe yacho here kkkkk ashatirwaa

@tawanda 1 month ago

😡😡😡 what's up with the angry face?waitweiko na vbyz kartel.


pk 1 month ago

chingoitai zve pomona chete

pk 1 month ago

chingoitai zvePomona


This article is embarrassing to the Harare City Council. It should actually be the Harare City Council which is threatening citizens with court action rather than the opposite.

I recommend that you refer this to His Worship Mayor Jacob Mafume for his attention. It is my hope that he will react in favour of the residents.


Yours truly
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Sarah 1 month ago

Bush lawyer , explain to me kuti contract yaka signiwa neMDC , before yakunzi CCC kuti inofamba sei ? If chamisa wins the elections next year , will zimbabwe not going to be a colony again ? Dzimbori tsitsi dzei for America to sponsor opposition if ichida kubetsera vanhu inodii kupa government iripo

Rjjj 1 month ago

Nhai iwe **** america kupa mbavha Mari kwana iwe Sarah mbanje dzauri kuputa it's shoma

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