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Harare Announces An Evaluation Of Properties Exercise

Harare Announces An Evaluation Of Properties Exercise

Harare City Council (HCC) has announced an evaluation of all properties in the city which the city fathers said is in terms of the Urban Councils Act. Valuation of property is important when calculating the tax on property. Taxes include wealth tax, municipal tax, property tax, vacant land tax, ground rent tax etc, which an individual has to pay to various government departments. Pindula News presents the city fathers’ notice to property owners:

Dear property owner

City of Harare has appointed GMP Real Estate and Global World properties to undertake the general valuation roll services of all properties in the city in terms of the Urban Councils Act. Valuation officers and their assistants from GMP Real Estate and Global World properties shall require access to enter and inspect every property between 0800hrs and 1600hrs any day except Sunday or public holidays.

You are hereby requested to grant the officers and their assistants access to your property as from 1 January 2022, to inspect, measure, take photos and ask questions pertaining to the property as provided for in section 239 and 240 of the Urban Councils Act.

To protect your property from unauthorized entry, please request in addition to this letter, some identity cards from the valuers. The identity cards must have the photograph and identity number of the person requesting access as well as city of Harare and GMP Real Estate/Global World Properties Logo.

If in doubt, please contact the following:

MrChikandamina: 0773 394 435

MrGwadu: 0772 281 523

Mr Jacobe: 0777 513 584

Valuation officers: 242 753009 ext 2126/2255

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Mmmm 5 months ago

Tazobirwa manje... Take photos of what? How are they identified... This creating a loophole for thieves

BujUH 5 months ago

ndipo panotangira Robbery ipapa how can someone came to access property yanku Tangai kwaED nachiwenga nezvigaro zvavo navose vakabaiwa Vaccine otherwise mavekuda Hondo nesu ndatopedza sooo ini kwanku huyai mukaona zvikomana zvitatu musakanuka coz munonyangarika

Altus 5 months ago

VaChikandamina basa iro

Doug 5 months ago

How many houses do they need to cover all their salaries? How many houses to cover costs of the services they provide? What do they do with money from the rest of the houses, the buildings in town, the factories, churches, stadia, vacant plots, quarry operations etc?

Pakanyanya Ma 1 5 months ago

Zvinhu zvavanhu zvitobigwa chete pakada vanhu pavai vaka makanga msingaivi kukosha n/zvimbo yamakamtengesera msa jaira kuda mari pazvinhu zvamaka dyira kare

Ndini 5 months ago

Why would I let someone on my property to come in an measure and take pictures what benefit is it to pvt property not council land

magufuli 5 months ago

mmmmm apa dza marii dza kutsakwa chitsotsi ichii

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