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Gweru Man Attacks And Kills Wife And Children Over $1

Gweru Man Attacks And Kills Wife And Children Over $1

A Gweru man went berserk Tuesday and killed his wife and two children with a log following a dispute over $1 that the woman had used to buy corn snacks for the children.

The man, Leo Kanyimo from Woodlands Phase 1, was later arrested after residents raised alarm over the bizarre incident.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the development. Nyathi said:

The man in his 30s started having problems in Woodlands, Gweru, and took a log and killed his wife, who was in her 20s, his 10-year-old son and an 18-month-old girl using a log.

Neighbours heard some noise and saw the man running around with the baby he had killed. They alerted the police at Nehanda Station and he was arrested. We are still investigating the case.

Some residents claimed that the 10-year-old boy was his son from another woman, who is in South Africa, after leaving him because of his violent nature.

Neighbours claimed he had a misunderstanding with his wife over $1 and he verbally abused his wife while they were outside the house.

The wife got into the house and the man picked a log and followed her.

Neighbours heard some noise from the wife, who was being hit by the log and rushed to the house but failed to restrain him due to his state.

He bolted out of the house with his fingers inside the mouth of his daughter, possibly to choke her.

He later used a log to hit her on the head and threw her lifeless body on the road before he was arrested.

One child, who survived the attack, is said to be under the care of neighbours.

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Chido marangwanda 6 months ago

Mentally disturbed.

Chido marangwanda 6 months ago

This is the work of the devil

Biues Terry 6 months ago

Poverty the root of evil

Gumunyu john 6 months ago

Satan chaiye

Ennie Kindon 6 months ago

Kpenga uko must be punished zvichamupembenutsa kumumutsa kubva kwaavete nemadhimoni he is going to regret

Januzaj Ⓜ️uninja 6 months ago

Nxaaaaa Satan ungauraire vanhu $ nxaaa

BlackBear 6 months ago

Poverty is also the cause of sin


Draco bad and bougee 6 months ago

Crystal meth.......obviously

King Tongai 6 months ago

Manje ndokudiyiko ikoko mchenje watarisanha nerufu . Kuuraya mukadzi ne vana ndokudiyiko.

Dzokera unorapwa but it's too late wakanya face your music batayi munhu tongayi uchavafunga vawakauraya

Pichesi Terance 6 months ago

Let's settle our differences in a tranquillity manner to avoid loss of human lives alcoholism & substance abuse is the root violence in society people must shun away such practices & seek Gods favour u reap wat u sow

Miles 6 months ago

Drug abuse have taken it's toll on us,it's really sad to lose innocent lives for no apparent reason? The earlier we deal with this the better!

Kudzai Machaka 6 months ago

Umm that man needs deliverance for he was not supposed to behave like this

chibaba 6 months ago

Vanhu vane stress team zvinhu hazvina kumira zvakanaka munyika ndiwo maresults acho

Chifinhuboss 6 months ago

Kanyaya kema zappy here amana

Gogodera 6 months ago

Mademon Avandia panyika tizai nehupenyu ukaona akuda kukurova tozai nevana huye mbanje nemutoriro vagara kumusha vanenge vatori nayo ngozi

Bee 6 months ago

Haa apinza ngozi mumusha uyo

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