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Gweru Establishes New Suburb With 1 812 Stands

Gweru Establishes New Suburb With 1 812 Stands

The City of Gweru is set to establish a new suburb called Randolph, which will have 1 812 stands.

The new suburb will have two phases and is situated next to Daylesford, Nehosho and Fletcher areas.

This was confirmed by Gweru City Council public relations officer Vimbai Chingwaramusee. She said:

I can confirm that plans are at an advanced stage for a new suburb that will have 1 812 stands in the City of Gweru called Randolph suburb. Stands in Randolph phase one are 456 while phase two has 1 356 stands.

… Randolph phase two started in 2021 while phase one started in 2007. Stands have been sold out for both projects.

Chingwaramusee said servicing of the stands, which involves road construction and installation of water and sewer reticulation services, is in progress for both projects.

Gweru has a housing waiting list of 34 280 people.

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Me 1 month ago

Then oku pic ??

Mos 1 month ago

Ndiye Vimai zve 🙄

Gred 1 month ago

Ngu gogwakho

Crocodile 1 month ago

Aah mastands amuri kupanana mega nemari dzamuri kutaura pamastands iyaya

Tateguru 1 month ago

Sold out already? Since 2007? This country!!!!!!!!!!!

Revelation 1 month ago

Saka kana makapedza land yese muchiisa dzimba ko farming ne industry muchaita sei mapurazi ese akutopera. Right now we are still 16 million people ko patichasvika 100 million panenge pachine land here. We should be building huge flats to accommodate more people.

Manikiniki 1 month ago

Vimbai make a private appointment ,ndoda kunzwisisa chaizo chaizo mairana nenyaya iyi.


babewavimby 1 month ago

Cde our wedding is at an advanced stage what business u want privately with my wife

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