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Gutu Teacher Labelled 'Security Threat' Ordered To Transfer

Gutu Teacher Labelled 'Security Threat' Ordered To Transfer

Chief Serima (born Vengai Rushwaya) and ZANU PF MP John Paradza have allegedly ordered Batsiranayi Ngugama, a teacher at Serima High School in Gutu, to find another school as he is considered a “security threat” at his current school.

The traditional leader and Paradza allegedly enlisted the services of officers from the President’s Office (CIO), to have Ngugama forced out of the school after labelling him a security threat.

Ngugama’s lawyers, Matutu and Mureri on Tuesday wrote a letter to Gutu District Schools Inspector (DSI), Ronald Muganhu complaining against his active involvement in the matter.

The Mirror reported sources as saying that Muganhu refused to receive the lawyers’ letter at his office yesterday afternoon.

The letter, which is dated 4 January 2022, was copied to Serima High School head and the Masvingo Provincial Education Director.

The letter alleges that Muganhu, at the instigation of some unnamed CIO officers at Mpandawana summoned Ngugama and the head of the Roman Catholic-run school Progress Matongo for a meeting at his offices on Monday.

The duo arrived at 8 AM but was made to wait until 2 PM when Muganhu summoned them into his office for the meeting.

He allegedly told them that he was under instruction from the President’s Office to transfer Ngugama out of Gutu West Constituency because he was a security threat.

Muganhu added that the other complainants in the matter are Chief Serima, Gutu West MP John Paradza and Harrison Manda.

He told Ngugama that the matter was not open for discussion and ordered him to find a school to move to before the opening of the first term.

Meanwhile, Ngugama’s lawyers, Matutu and Mureri gave Muganhu 48 hours to explain why he labelled a mere school teacher, a security threat or face further legal action.

The lawyers warned Muganhu that the transfer he sought against Ngugama was illegal and therefore null and void.

When contacted for comment by The Mirror, Muganhu said he was aware of the matter but became very angry and described the publication as rotten.

Paradza said he was not aware of the matter as he was in Masvingo when Ngugama was summoned. He said:

I am hearing this from you for the first time. I was in Masvingo when Ngugama was summoned and I don’t have the tendency to frighten people from my constituency more so teachers.

I have no reason to do that as I am guaranteed to retain my seat.

More: The Mirror

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Gt 7 months ago

Lol instructions from President's office

Tkt 7 months ago

Kkkk haaa surrend sure

nyaya yacho iri papi ndatadza kuibata ini

Nimrod mandishona 7 months ago

Ummm ndarenga asi handina chandanzwq chaicho ummm

Peace 7 months ago

Whats the reason for the teacher being a threat

Matumbu 7 months ago


Majeke 7 months ago

Tipeiwo zvizere please ndiri kungonzwa kuti akanzi I security threat nyaya yacho imbori yei inopindirwa nachief nemaCIO can somebody come clear on this one

adjudicator 7 months ago

That Chief is a zombie, he is just trying to be a loyalist by tormenting innocent souls.He is singing a wrong song for his super. Ngazikanwe pane zvimwe kwete kuti just a mere teacher deep down in the rural area of Gutu is a security threat.Its so pathetic.


Gonzhong 7 months ago

Maybe he is an opposition activist, kungotsvagawo hangu uta mugate

Dr huni 7 months ago


Nyore 7 months ago

Zanu and its supporters are real threat to the security..Chief Murinye vaudzei vanhu ava

Zman 7 months ago

Mmh mudzidzisi here Mototi Ave a security threat. Hakuna chimwe but anezvaanoziva chete

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