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Guinness Book Of Records' Oldest Person Sister André Dies Aged 118

Guinness Book Of Records' Oldest Person Sister André Dies Aged 118

Sister André, formerly Lucile Randon and the oldest woman according to the Guinness Book of Records, passed away at the age of 118.

She was born on 11 February 1904.

She was confirmed as both the oldest person living (female) and overall oldest person living back in April 2022 following the passing of Kane Tanaka (Japan).

Lucile, who took the name of Sister André in 1944, is the second-oldest French person and the second-oldest European person ever recorded.

In her earlier years, Sister André worked as a teacher, governess, and childcare provider for children during World War II. 

Prior to becoming a Catholic nun, she worked for 28 years with elderly and orphan patients at a hospital in Vichy, Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes.

Sister André was also the oldest living nun and had devoted the majority of her life to religious service.

She received a letter from Pope Francis in 2019 and was designated an honorary citizen of Toulon, which is in the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur area.

More recently, Sister André received yet another startling record for the oldest COVID-19 survivor.

On January 16, 2021, she tested positive for the coronavirus. To stop the virus from spreading, she was immediately quarantined at her retirement home, but she eventually recovered after three weeks.

Jeanne Louise Calment (France) currently holds the record for being the oldest person ever, and Lucile was just over three years away from breaking it.

Jeanne, whose birthday was February 21, 1875, lived for 122 years and 164 days.

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News reader 1 week ago

Nowadays you don't have news

individual 5 1 week ago


@tee 6 days ago


chokwadi 6 days ago

ndechekuti mu Africa we are likely to have a number which could break the world Guinness record ...unfortunately we in Africa dont present such for the record. My mom is nearing record breaking...born 1915..but still walks on her own despite the aid of stick

6 days ago


cid 6 days ago

Maybe more remember vanhu were not worried much about keeping records but they would say things like akazvarwa gore re mhashu or gore renzara 106 ndiwo aakagona kuverenga Mwazha

@Cid 6 days ago

Maybe less remember no records were kept

darlien 6 days ago

life iyo yakadhakwa unenge waakunetsa vanhu kana poor unozviitira


mzeksmaan 6 days ago

so she dies virgin

allan rayman 6 days ago

se zvauchangoitawo

Zimstat 6 days ago

April i came across a 121 year old while contracted for census bt their CAPI system refused to enter as it has a limit of 99years

6 days ago

@zimstat ska wakabva wavanyora makore asiri avo here 😂😂😂

Tateguru 6 days ago

Methusella legacy, 🌹💪

Patriot 6 days ago

Muno dai pasina ma sanctions vanhu vairaramawo nguva refu.

saint 6 days ago

zvehu nun izvo hapana pazviri mubhaibheri. I doctrine ra Anti Christu Iro. Vanhu vanongo funga ma titles zvemusoro wavo kwakutopanana vototi tirikunamata zvisiri scripture inspired.

Hassan 6 days ago

Please join us in the religion of peace, love and prosperity. I used to be lost just like you all until I joined Islam. I feel so good and my life has no problems. I believe Allah has everything planned for us. We will all be okay. As long as we do what pleases him. Through the teachings of the one and only true messenger of Allah, Mohammed. We shall prosper as one. Even the Quran states all of this. It preaches love. One love my brothers and sisters!

6 days ago

Siyoyo 6 days ago

kushaya kana 1 anoti ,"RIP or nematambudziko". Mandibhowa vanhu imi saka mose muchafa musina kusvika that age, ndapedza nemi

6 days ago


Tintin 6 days ago

😂😂😂 iwewe wati rest in peace here

cid 6 days ago

@Hassan,,,wat u mean by I used to be lost just like you all ,,msoro bhangu ita chi Moslem chako wakanyarara nana Mohammed vako nxaa

6 days ago

He's been brainwashed

Afa anaka 6 days ago

Ifai vamwe vaone kuzvarwawo sister andre

Afa anaka 6 days ago

hapachade kunzi nematambudzikoba kwakutoti makorokoto

Afa anaka 6 days ago

Wezera rawo wakatisiya 1970 uko wawachikuitei nguva dzino

Uyu akosha 6 days ago

musarwadziwe imi Vana venyoka kana zana hamusvike Vana venyoka nekuti remangwana renyu kufa muchipondwa
hamuneti here kutora ma pictures

6 days ago


Tkt 6 days ago

So, asvika pakufa aka namwa hr munhu uyu?
Haa zvino zvaafa asina kuzvara Jesu wacho, kkkk

10111 5 days ago

because she abstained from ****

10111 5 days ago

because she abstained from ****

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