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Grenade Explosion Kills Boy (8) In Buhera

Grenade Explosion Kills Boy (8) In Buhera

An eight-year-old boy was killed in Buhera recently when a grenade he was playing with exploded.

Tinevimbo Seven (8) was playing with Tadiwanashe Seven (14) with a grenade which they had mistaken for a ball when it blew up.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) spokesperson in Manicaland Province, Inspector Norbert Muzondo, confirmed the incident.

He said Tinevimbo sustained severe chest and face injuries from the blast which killed him instantly. He said:

The two boys picked up what they thought was a ball. They did not know that it was a dangerous explosive.

Tinevimbo took the metal ‘ball’ and placed it in a fowl run. They started playing with it.

As the children were playing, their mother, Ms Monica Muchineresa heard an explosion.

She rushed to investigate and discovered that Tinevimbo had been badly injured and had holes in his chest, left hand and face. She rendered first aid services, but to no avail.

She called Mr Maxwell Shumba to assist, but they could not save the young boy’s life.

Mr Shumba made a police report and Tinevimbo’s body was conveyed to the mortuary.

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Addy 1 month ago

so sad, its the governments fault

Asalif 1 month ago

Chinotimba is the target next time the blast will be at his house

povooo 1 month ago

iwo mabhora aya pane ane rudzi rwegrenade here kana kuti dzingori mhepo dzinenge dzangosimukawo

Tkt 1 month ago

Shame, ndabva ndaranga rira Sekuru vangu (---) Svosve who died in the same manner some TEN YEARS AGO, in Buhera

Rest In Peace Young Man kana wasvika wono tsvakawo K**** vangu uti zvanzi nevazukuru venyu, ZORORAI MURUGARE

fare well my boy

greyhomes construction 1 month ago

this guy Sybeth Msengezi must plant the bombs around his house to overturn tumotor twema spy turikuparker pamba pake utwooo,dai aikwanisa aisa maBomb oisa macameras share the Video to Simba chikanza weZim eye

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Ma1 kuma 10 chaiwo so sory MHSRIP...

gandangaguru 1 month ago

but why


Black label 1 month ago


STALIN 1 month ago

Problem ye government iyoyo

pvc 1 month ago

die at such a tender age may his soul rest in peace

Guap 1 month ago

Shame so sad

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