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Granny Caught Naked Near Graveyard

Granny Caught Naked Near Graveyard

A woman from Makoni District, Manicaland Province, believed to be in her 80s, was recently found naked early morning close to a community graveyard.

Gogo Prisca Magondo was brought before Chief Makoni’s court to explain her actions.

This was the second time that Gogo Magondo appeared before Chief Makoni’s court following her conviction for witchcraft in the early 2000s.

During her recent court appearance, Gogo Magondo said that on the day in question, she had lost her senses and ended up sleeping outside her house.

Her neighbour, Malvern Nyamukomba, told the court that they found Gogo Magondo lying naked on a path leading to the graveyard. Said Nyamukomba:

After burying my daughter, we went back to the graveyard to perform some traditional rites the following morning.

A few meters from the graveyard, we were shocked to see Gogo Magondo laying there.

She only had her petticoat on. We confronted her and she said she was looking for sweeping brooms.

However, there were no signs or marks that the grave had been tampered with. We informed Gogo Magondo’s sister and her clothes were brought.

The traditional court found Gogo Magondo guilty of witchcraft and ordered her relatives to conduct a cleansing ceremony for her.

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Jung 4 days ago

@ Apathy Psycho...u got skills man..
I encourage you to write fiction.
Your psycho analysis is profound!
I'm impressed.

Sca 4 days ago

Zvimwe zvinhu zviri strange muhupenyu

Tkt 5 days ago

@Armstrong,,, ukadini hako kunyatso shandisa rurimi rwamai vako wosiya rwedu uro isu vene varwo, kkkkkk

Mutongigava 5 days ago

Varoyi vese royayi at ur ownrisk coz tikutumirako masoja agokurakashai zvekukurakashai zviya

Citizen 5 days ago

Gogo we Angel Of Hope Foundation

Imwe Mbeu 5 days ago

chiKule chacho takachiona kuGwanda nezuro

ppp 5 days ago

She was heard praying 'God bless our food'Amen


Freda 5 days ago

Shz sick and needs help.

Ddd 5 days ago

Dremas media gave us this update 2 months ago.

Dhuterere 5 days ago

Zanu pf government ndoinevaroyi vakuru vanhu vangani vafa so far nezvirwere zvinorapika easily huroi hwakadii ihwohwo kids are not getting enough education they need, one meal a day kuroya kudiki ikoko

Apathy the Psycho 5 days ago

All flesh dies, some sooner than others. Health is a mirage.

David parirenyatwa 5 days ago

She needs some psychological and mental evaluation. She mightve been sleep walking

parasite 5 days ago

Ngavaroverwe chipikiri panhova gogo ivavo

Chimboti Pizza 5 days ago

I think panofanira kugadzirwa mutemo against witchcraft. Kana kutopa munhu death sentence chaiyo

Apathy the Psycho 5 days ago

You cannot contain the dark arts. Let those who find life repulsive do as they like. Not everyone was born to worship the the God in heaven. Others chose defiance and walk the path of the fallen angel.

******** 5 days ago

Siyai gogo vadye nyama hey!

Apathy the Psycho 5 days ago

Gogo Magondo was born a daredevil. It was the thrill of almost dying that excited her.
But with time, thrill became a rare gem. Precious and rare. Nothing could sate the growing desire for Gogo to just feel alive.
An addiction was brewing inside her; a desperate need for thrill that made her do more and more riskier and queer things. It had become a disease.
That's when her mind became distorted. In her mind, wrong and right were just vain constructs from evolution that inhibited discovery. In this line of thought, Gogo had an idea to eat human flesh.
It was pure thrill for her first time, before the excitement died with time. Eating human flesh had lost it's lure. One night, a brilliant idea hit her. She would have s,e,x with the dead, decaying cadavers: she ventured into necrophilia.

Gogo Magondo. From cannibal to necrophiliac.

Putin 🇷🇺 OG 🐊 5 days ago

ndeve CCC gogo ivavo

gwanda loose 5 days ago

Aratijiyesi kkkkkkk une Zita rakanaka wena ndipe hangu

Aratijiyesi 5 days ago

Gogo veshanduko kkkkk

Kkk 5 days ago

Ummmm bulalani umthakhathi aaah, khangelani mnyaka yakhe, cadisanj ngqamu kumbe inhloka aaah

Armstrong 5 days ago

straight vele kuyave kusalindweni kkkk

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