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Grannies Turn To Gold Panning In Silobela As Hunger Bites

Grannies Turn To Gold Panning In Silobela As Hunger Bites

Hunger has pushed elderly people including grannies into gold panning in Silobela District in the Midlands Province.

This was said by the Zibagwe Rural District councillor for Ward 29, Willard Moyo.

Moyo told The Mirror that villagers have no option but to sell the few cattle that they have in order to buy food while schools’ feeding programmes have ceased.

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that used to provide food handouts in most rural parts have reportedly withdrawn due to an unfavourable political environment and government policies.

Moyo urged the Government to bring back school feeding schemes claiming school kids are starving. He said:

Most of the people in my ward including women have resorted to gold panning along the banks of the Gweru River.

The challenge is that Social Welfare food programs that traditionally give food to the less privileged have reduced the number of beneficiaries. We were told that the Government’s budget is limited.

We also used to receive food handouts from donors like the World Food Programme (WFP).

We appeal to the Government to increase the number of beneficiaries in social welfare schemes and to bring back school feeding programs before we die of hunger.

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Taliban 2 weeks ago

God help people

Führer 2 weeks ago

Pure lies these Gogos have forced into korokozaring nekuti kune masanction akaunzwa na Chamisa me bato rake re MDC rakunzi CCC. Ma NGO aunza chikafu chisingaite chembongoro dzevachena monzi tirikudonata chikafu Ana Balga

2 weeks ago

Asi iwe uri bhoo zvako?

Mctesta 2 weeks ago

leave politics since u don't know nothing,, too shallow ur reasoning capacity

Vesto 2 weeks ago

@Fuhrer, you are allergic to truth.
First and foremost for NGOs to provide drought relief is because the ZANU government since 1980 has failed to encourage proper farming leading to poor harvests.

Secondly drought relief didn't start with the formation of MDC in2007. As early as 1984 Americans were already donating yellow maize. Bulgur was already being distributed by 1989.

ZANU policies have failed us in the past 43¾years. What can ZANU do now which it has failed to do in 43 years?

chokwadi 2 weeks ago

ndechekuti zvinopa tsitsi apo nyika ichipfachukira ne zvicherwa zvinokisha....platinum,gold,lithium to name but a few...shame to our leadership

Patriot 2 weeks ago

You see our country is endowed with a lot of natural resources. People can survive at any times

Vesto 2 weeks ago

As if it is something to be proud of, having elderly people fend for themselves when they should be in retirement with the state looking after their welfare.

It is embarrassing and demeaning for old people to be fending for themselves. Period.

Get real you moron.

2 weeks ago

You should be ashamed of yourself or better still just shut your smelly mouth

2 weeks ago

Ndekwaana mnangagwa ku zibagwe ikoko


Wekunyanya 2 weeks ago


. 2 weeks ago

@Führer kana usingapengi wakadya benzi

Joker🃏 2 weeks ago

Ivo vachiguta havo nezvekuba chembere dzichitambura... leaving no place and no one behind #vision2030

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Hi people

Zupco 2 weeks ago

Yoooh, ndiko kumusha kwaED mufunge , asi ngaasadaro

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