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Grain, Soya Bean Producer Prices Go Up

Grain, Soya Bean Producer Prices Go Up

The floor producer prices of maize, soya beans, traditional grains and sunflower have been increased for this year’s marketing season.

The new producer price for maize and traditional grains is now ZWL$75 000 per tonne.

Previously, the floor producer price of maize was ZWL$58 553 while that of traditional grains was ZWL$70 263.90.

The floor producer price of soya beans has been set at ZWL$171 495, up from ZWL$125 530.17 per tonne.

The price for sunflower is now ZWL$205 794.52 a tonne, up from ZWL$150 686.20 per tonne.

Addressing the media on Tuesday, 26 April after the Cabinet meeting, Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa, said Cabinet approved the producer prices after a presentation from Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development Minister Anxious Masuka. Said Mutsvangwa:

Cabinet noted that in order to maintain farmer viability and profitability, there is a need to review the prices for maize, traditional grains, soya beans and sunflower so that they are in sync with existing economic realities.

A good price that promotes sustainable growth of a particular value chain is that which allows the farmer to realise at least a 15 per cent profit margin.

Masuka said the Government reviewed the producer prices of grains after considering global increases in fertiliser prices caused by the war in Eastern Europe.

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Da Truth 3 weeks ago

let's join hands Viva CRONOS.FALCON RISING.🆘🇿🇼🇿🇼🌋

zvamada 3 weeks ago

ndopaunoona kuti mablack anofarira kushupika kwevamwe vavo varungu.vaive nani pavaive vari maHR maitombotambirawo zvirinanni mutobacco industry now hapana nd kungoda kutaura wakutodzingwa basa nd yes they are getting in usd vokupa nzungu kuti utambure nxaa zvichapera Mvari ndewemunhu wese

doink 3 weeks ago

zvakaoma kudaro mutobacco industry ndopopihwa mushandi 100us nemabond asingasvike 70us apa vana vakuda kuenda kuchikoro marents achidiwa tranport yekuti.uende kubasa haikwane nxaaa why taking advantage imi fodya yenyu muchitengesa neusdollar this is slavery can some1 do something vanhu tatambura

aaaa 3 weeks ago

kti unzi munhu unenge wadya nekupfeka mataura maprice ezvimwe donje hamuna bsa naro hant kaaaa

Wave 3 weeks ago

In less than a month rates have skyrocketed by over 100%, pushing prices of commodities way up thereby eroding workers' salaries. Surprisingly these old guys expect workers to survive. This kind of cruelty clearly displayed by these guys shows they do not have people at heart. I wonder why someone in their normal sense will vote for them! A normal government was suppose to subsidise fuel to keep inflation down and eventually prices of goods down, but even the so called finance minister has no clue as to how monetary affairs should be conducted! So sad!

Nimrod 3 weeks ago

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. These prices have changed 3 times since planting season: from $30000, $50000 and now $75000 for maize.


Freda 3 weeks ago

ko effect yeinflation on thse Zimdollar prices made worse by delayed payments.Apa Margins are very thin.We ar nt going anywhre.

amos 3 weeks ago

apa kuGMB kwacho ukutenga chibage @$75000 rtgs ivo they are buying @75000rtgs after mavapa vachachikwidza futi

Security Guard 3 weeks ago

Our salaries also need to be reviewed. We have a povital role to play in the day to day of the country.

nc 3 weeks ago

hapana Mari apa haisvike 200us

MineWorker 3 weeks ago

Don't forget also to review our wages and salaries

Mai Mnangagwa 3 weeks ago

Munokwidza Mari yezvirimwa kuti muise Mari yacho muhomwe dzenyu dzizare anenge achirima you only give him zwl 6000 anotengei nayo waroyi awa izvozvi we are going to vote for Chamisa pamwe tingaonekwawo sevanhu than this government which mock people like this kuti unzi president unenge wadya wakabva mumaoko ateacher . You're a failer tanetawo isu

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