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Grain Millers Blame Price Hike On Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine

Grain Millers Blame Price Hike On Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine

Industry and Commerce Deputy Minister, Raj Modi, says the Russia-Ukraine war has caused a rise in global fuel prices, a development that affects production lines, not only in Zimbabwe but across the whole world.

Last week the Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) announced a 52 per cent and 31 per cent increase for mealie-meal and flour respectively.

A price of a 10kg bag of mealie-meal now costs ZWL$1 665 up from ZWL$1 099. The price of a tonne of flour rose from ZWL$164 523 to ZW$215 000. Said, Modi:

The justification for the increase is well known by everyone, it’s because of the war (Ukraine-Russia war).

The price of fuel, which is the lifeline for any production chain in any industry went up.

To import and transport any raw materials you need fuel.

It’s not only in Zimbabwe that food prices have gone up. It’s the world over.

However, if there was no war, we would not be talking of prices increases.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin ordered an invasion of Ukraine which was launched on 24 February this year ostensibly to end an alleged genocide against Russian speaking communities in the Donbas (part of eastern Ukraine) and combat the rise of Fascism in its neighbour.

Crude oil prices rose because the world feared the war would lead the West to ban Russian oil.

Prices jumped to a 14-year high of $140 a barrel on 7 March. They have come down since then but only slightly.

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Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 4 weeks ago

Things have been going up way before the war, that's the problem with having a businessman minister 😀 you are lying on this one Raj...

Digo 1 month ago

Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo,, kbva rini? Mchingovaka sudurukai apo vadala pinda mkomana 🖕🖕🖕🖕

The Demagogue 1 month ago


Raj modi 1 month ago

sometimes we import bread from Russia and Ukraine, you Zimbabweans must know that.very soon I'm going back to to my home country ( India)

Civil Servant 1 month ago

Haaa t a m a m a


Bonzo 1 month ago

Libya inawo mafuta zvamunoti hamudyidzane nenyika dzekumadokera muchidzituka ndimi munoti Africa for Africans zimbabwe for Zimbabweans nyika inovakwa nevene vayo itai tione kkkk

Isaac 1 month ago

Ahoyi! No wonder why Bread now costs 300 RTGS in Masvingo

The Demagogue 1 month ago


Dr Nostro 1 month ago

Its all because of sanctions imposed on Russia.

Tio 1 month ago

Blame it on sanctions or blame it on Ukraine war kkkkk. Let me remind you maybe you forgot, you established Green fuel to blend petrol and diesel with ethanol to reduce cost and by adding ethanol to increase quantity, izvozi it did not work it was a way to steal from citizens as blended fuel was more expensive than non-blended fuel. Makarimisa vanhu Jatropha muchiti we will extract diesel from the Jathropha plant kutosvika pakugadzira plant ku Mt Hampden and still we are complaining kkkkk worse makazoti diesel rabuda paDombo makatuma ministerial team kkkkkk. Now lets go to Agriculture ,command agriculture after being financed with billions of American dollars what is the result -nothing we are still importing yet we should be exporting wheat and maize. Haaa mazvitadza u are always pointing at sanctions, the west and now Ukraine war. Admit failure

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