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Grade Four Pupil Brings Gun To School

Grade Four Pupil Brings Gun To School

A Grade Four pupil at a primary school in Harare brought a gun into his class and another pupil recorded a video of the gun via a smartphone.

The child allegedly produced the gun in the class, when the teacher was out. The incident, which shocked parents, happened on Monday last week.

The video was posted on a WhatsApp group and one of the parents with a child at the school raised the alarm.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) national spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, confirmed the incident, adding investigations were in progress. He said:

Police are investigating a case involving a minor reported to have been found with a gun at a local school.

Details will be released upon completion of investigations.

One of the parents told H-Metro that school authorities made sure that the name of the culprit would not be revealed. Said the parent:

The incident exposed children to danger. Imagine such a young boy has the knowledge of handling a firearm from home to school and posting a video on social media. It’s unacceptable.

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.. 3 weeks ago


Tm 3 weeks ago

Nyika yaoma

ABSA 3 weeks ago

President encouraged learners to make guns and bombs saka uyu bo

factos 3 weeks ago

ndiwo macala awo

Dz 4 weeks ago

Its not a case as such because the leader of Zanu pf said and recommend that to all leaners to start to make a gun havasiyane nevana avo maColour avarikuita


Calastine Babayaro 4 weeks ago

Ndiwo ma CALA well done pupil.keep it up

Tateguru 4 weeks ago

Kana keMbimbo chaiko

@ masto 4 weeks ago

that's engineering. it has to start through manipulation of existing machines to abstract ones. boys with wits

Zuzu 4 weeks ago

Zim yaora

Chawabvunza 4 weeks ago

Parents were negligent. In Zimbabwe noone purchases a firearm without a firearm cabinet weighted down with a 50 kg weight. Nearest Police Station inspects to see that the applicant has this facility before their approval to CID Firearms Department to acquire the weapon. In this incident the father/mother could have failed to lodge back the firearm into the firearm cabinet after sleeping with the gun under the pillow for security reasons. This is one way in which domestic workers also end up stealing these firearms.




dispenser 4 weeks ago

ndipo paaizorobber teacher machoko here.otherwise e guardians are e one who need interrogations

The King of Serpents 3 weeks ago


Mutoriro Movement 4 weeks ago

A die hard robber in the making.

Wave 4 weeks ago

That's highly unacceptable, considering the boy's age, he can be imaginative and sees himself as a main actor in movies they watch time after time and end up shooting other kids at school! The kind of parents who allow their children access to fire arms to that extent should not be allowed in the community! They should be punished accordingly!

dispenser 4 weeks ago

ngavasiyane nevana vangavasina knowledge .

ndini 4 weeks ago

ngazvitongwe zvemene muZimbaa atidi kushandisa pfuti tode freedom, kovana achona angafunde chirudzinyi

BUOY 4 weeks ago

ko akarecorder anga aurirei nefon yacho

Grade 4 4 weeks ago

a grade four aunza pfuti kutyoro?
and another grade four recorded nesmart phone. muchatiita vana

s 3 weeks ago

its amazing

Wasura 4 weeks ago

Ndidzo pfuti dzakanzi vazogadzira kana vakura vashudhe vavengi

twabam 4 weeks ago

zvine basarei ngavadzidze vave ma engineers vagadzire pfuti.

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