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Grade 7 Exam Markers Clash With ZIMSEC

Grade 7 Exam Markers Clash With ZIMSEC

Teachers marking 2021 Grade Seven examinations have accused the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) of double standards when it comes to enforcing COVID-19 prevention measures.

ZIMSEC last week wrote a memo advising all examiners to be tested for coronavirus before the marking exercise which started this Monday.

The examiners are expected to pay for the tests, with a PCR COVID-19 test costing around US$60.

Examiners, however, claim that ZIMSEC forced teachers to invigilate students last year without the COVID-19 tests certificates and it was disingenuous for ZIMSEC to ask for them when they were about to start marking the papers. A teacher who spoke to said:

ZIMSEC is now pretending to be concerned about our health yet they forced us to invigilate students without these COVID-19 tests certificates.

A lot of teachers contracted COVID-19 while invigilating students last year.

Why didn’t they enforce these measures when we were invigilating the examinations last year?

The examiner said he will not take part in the marking exercise until ZIMSEC clarified on who is going to pay for the testing costs. Another examiner said:

Invigilation was the riskiest period where a lot of teachers got infected. ZIMSEC refused to pay us invigilation fees but now they want to shortchange us by demanding COVID-19 certificates which they failed to ask for during the crucial stage.

Where does ZIMSEC expect us to get the US$60 and transport money for the testing? We are not even paid such money per day for the marking services. I would rather not mark the examinations than undergo those expensive tests.

Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) president Obert Masaraure urged teachers to refuse to mark the papers until ZIMSEC offers them contracts guaranteeing their safety.

The marking of Grade Seven examinations was delayed last December due to the COVID-19 pandemic and prospective Form One pupils had been informed that they will not be coming to school on 10 January before the Government deferred schools opening indefinitely.


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Bothwell Zinaka 7 months ago

Kk vadzidzisiso

Gonzhong 7 months ago

They don't want to pay them, so how can they make an effort to source money.

Shadrack khumalo 7 months ago

Bayahlanya. Abaphelelanga engqondweni. Sebedinga indlela yokwenza imali. Bathi bayithatha ngaphi imali yokucwanungwa ucovid bona vele bengaholi. Abacwaningwe ngaphandle kwembadalo kubhadale umnyango wezemfundo.

Imwe mbeu 7 months ago

ZIMSEC ichakudzidzisai imwi maTicha 😂

Charity 7 months ago

ZlMTA iri zii zvayo .Saka ndakaibuda.Chi association chino betrayer vachinomiririra.Shame maningi

🧐 7 months ago

Why doesn't the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education simply remove the entire ZIMSEC board with immediate effect? Governance-wise, how is the University (where the chairman of the ZIMSEC board was drawn from) faring? Were invigilators at said University adequately protected from SARS-Cov 2 while they were invigilating their University set of examinations? Why has the current Board chairman been allowed to stay this long when evidence of an urgent need for a new broom at the helm of the Board abounds? Does the University where the Board chairman was drawn from have a workers' representative committee? If not, have powers that be ever wondered why academics representative committee at that University allegedly resigned as well as why some who previously were in workers' representative structures were allegedly targeted for victimization? This country has a lot of highly qualified people who have appropriate qualifications and skills to lead these quasi government oganizations. Why doesn't the government appoint such highly qualified people to lead? What I believe is urgently needed at ZIMSEC is progressive leadership that is able to come up with strategies that lead to restoration of order hence integrity of the Board. Out of the total examination fees paid by candidates, ZIMSEC should have put aside a proportion thereof to cater for invigilators' fees, markers' remuneration, etc. ZIMSEC could also generate funds from extensively selling past examination papers and booklets as well as Examiners' Reports. If the Board establishes a high level of integrity, its examinations could easily become attractive within the region leading to some countries actually opting for ZIMSEC Board's examinations, in addition to their own countries' examination boards papers, thereby bringing in much needed foreign currency to the Board and country.

To responsible Ministers: when performance of a board does not match the requirements of appointment on the boards, it is best for said boards to be disbanded as soon as possible. To those who would be thus removed for not performing to expected standards: it is not shameful to be relieved of a responsibility on which one would not have been performing to expected levels. All that such removal signifies is that there would have been a performance lacuna which could not be plugged (remedied) otherwise.

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