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Grade 2 Pupil Knocked Down, Dies While Patching Potholes

Grade 2 Pupil Knocked Down, Dies While Patching Potholes

A Grade two pupil at Murerekwa Primary School was knocked down and killed by a vehicle while patching potholes and charging motorists passing by.

The incident occurred on 12 August a few meters from the Murerekwa school turnoff towards Roy.

The boy, Blessing Gomana, was hit and dragged for several meters by the motor vehicle.

Ward 8 councillor Tererai Tererai confirmed the incident and said the deceased has already been buried at his home in Gwara village under Chief Ndanga. Said Tererai:

The boy was patching potholes a few meters from the Murerekwa school turnoff towards Roy when a white guy stopped and offered him US$5 as a token.

When he drove off, he mistakenly racked him with a boat trailer he was pulling and dragged him only to stop after some meters.

The driver later stopped and helped the boy to Ndanga Hospital but he died because he had lost a lot of blood.

The driver assisted the family with US$570 to cater for funeral expenses.

Meanwhile, Masvingo Provincial Roads Engineer Robert Mukome has urged parents to forbid children from working on roads. He said:

As a word of advice to parents, please prohibit children from working on highways as motorists will be travelling at very high speed.

The speeding is dangerous to their safety. May this information be relayed through schools within the highway’s corridors as more noise on this notion will help.

Again as a ministry we are still facing some operational challenges constrained mainly on resources.

Management is still engaging all relevant stakeholders to come up with a long-term and sustainable intervention to address this mishap we are encountering.

Let’s continue to exercise patience and caution as we traverse this route, We are working flat out to ensure required resources are availed to address this life-threatening danger posed by the current status of our road.

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Citizen 1 month ago

Eish that's sad news. May the boy rest in peace & the family be comforted.

Nimrod 1 month ago

Very sad news. Parents, why does we expose our children to such dangers? May his soul rest in peace

Majority Rule 1 month ago

Not a single parent would encourage the kids to beg on the streets but the circumstances forced the boy to be a young adult to supplement for his family.Blame the ruling corrupt club, poverty 💯%, recreation 0%, corruption 💯%, just imagine Wadyajena looting 5million US, that figure used properly would have kept that boy alive

36 1 month ago

So sad mhdsriep

Majority Rule 1 month ago

Poverty caused by the ruling corrupt club is accountable for the death of that young boy,if the economy was good that young boy would be still alive and jovial in the comfort of his parents.At that age the boy was now fending for the family,so sad,rest in power.May God punish the tormentor of innocent souls.

caiphus 1 month ago

may his soul rest in peace ........ Amen

ange 1 month ago

may he rest in peace


Tkt 1 month ago

Shut the F-CK UP
Shut up

Cmo 1 month ago

Zvakangooma kudaro

Sir African 1 month ago

A very sad incident indeed.No parent want their children to beg,but the prevailing economic conditions caused by zpf are responsible. The guy he was assisting.
Which reminds me of prophet Java who killed a 17 year old girl but did not assist the girls family after the accident.

Tkt 1 month ago

@African,,,,, are really sure? Saka hapana munhu waMwari apo, nxaaaa

Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

If you cant take care of your family then why have childrens? The government had nothing to do with this incident. It is a said story but parents should practice family planning ...

😭 1 month ago

unotipengera iwe mabsa eZanu ese aya

Pïlâñé 1 month ago

Very sad news

Jojo 1 month ago

Young citizens vari kugadzira maroads madhara ezanu achilooter achinyepera vanhu kuti second republic tibvire vote CCC 2023

Wasu 1 month ago


Nkust 1 month ago

@Captain jacksparrow and@tkt pamwe pacho machinda angu sevanhu vane vanavo panongoda kuchema nevamwe mombomira ku defend defend dzimwe nyaya chero muri ma supporters emusangano kutova ve zanupf itorio kodzero yenyu kunyange ikakoniwa sei asi paita matambudiko akadai asiri e politics chingochemaiwo nevamwe just take away this incident from the phone woiita real pa next door kana mumba mako how emotional it is to loose mwana mudiki kudai asi ngavati tarisiremakore avanyora two years is that possible

1 month ago

Grade 2 not 2 yrs

Tata 1 month ago

Ichooooooo 😢rest in peace. Chaingwavha😞

sziva 1 month ago

may his soul rest n eternal peace

sziva 1 month ago

may his soul rest in eternal peace

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