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Govt, ZIMTA Meet Over Teachers' Incapacitation

Govt, ZIMTA Meet Over Teachers' Incapacitation

The Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (ZIMTA) has urged its members to desist from locking pupils out of the classroom under the pretext of “incapacitation”, saying the Government has given assurances that it is working on addressing their grievances.

In a statement, the ZIMTA Chief Executive Officer, Sifiso Ndlovu, said Government representatives invited the union for talks this Tuesday following the declaration of incapacitation by teachers. Said Ndlovu:

The (ZIMTA) leadership did put matters straight and square. The government admitted that its cocktail of intervention was informed by ZIMTA’s position papers and had a strong focus on a hybrid salary package so as to address the dual pricing model of goods and services in the market.

Pressed to hint at the package, the representatives could only say, “Government is looking at a package that is good.”

He said teachers should expect a positive response from the Government after the union presented a strong case for better remuneration and improved working conditions.

Ndlovu added that ZIMTA officials reiterated their demand for a hybrid salary of US$671 for the lowest-paid worker. He said:

There is nobody benefiting from the current tiff. While we declared incapacitation members should note that this is not a lockout.

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3 months ago

Pakanyanya Ma 1 3 months ago

ASI vana ptuz nana Atuz namamwea masanano anomirira varairidzi. anomiririrwawo nneZIMTA

Mr Tsodido 3 months ago

Teachers and their representatives deserve every bit of what they are experiencincing. Kunyengwa easy easy so. We want 100% turn up and 100% perfomance kubasa if you accept it. Kwete kutambira and you continue to let our kids lie iddle at school. Ndokaziva kaskiri kataitamba.

Sangoma 3 months ago

Kubasa kwababa kune basa

Chasara kunzwa Mwonzora oti face ya Chamisa belongs to MDC alliance 3 months ago


Entle😍 3 months ago

ZIMTA belongs to ZANU.


Jinn 3 months ago

@mboko are you being paid to cause divisions

Tokoloshi 3 months ago

You people don't study the trendy that all civil servants enjoy hefty packages towards elections. Very soon they will forget their tears and get bussed into the same buss that spew them off soon after 2023 elections. The same scenario keep on recurring. Ini zvii zvangu

Tkt 3 months ago

Hezvi manga muchi shora ZIMTA
20% increment on RTGS SALARY,

imi moshora hee Tkt ano humana, kubva riini mdichiku udzai kuti Gvt will concede to workers' demand but wont implement overnight rather gradually

2009 we started like this again

Sponono 3 months ago

Unorwarawo iwe repitition yekutenderera panhu 1 ndoyaukuti heee hee kugona heee improvement, nxaa increament my Ass!!!

Zvinhu izvi it proves kuti Zanu pf Gvt is a failure by nature, Ungati zuro unoyu Teachers were earning at almost USD$500 but momuka movapa 175 then woti its an increment??? Seriously wakaenda kuchikoro here iwe??

Increament ( USD$500 ⏩ USD$700 )

This proves we are moving forward.

Decrement ( USD$500 ⏩ USD$170 )

This proves otherwise.

Pabate I'll be engaging you and your fellow members of the ZPF in basic grade 3 lessons because it seems kuti chikoro hachina kuendwa totally.

Ummmm asi pane basa those who are willing to fill in for me today, your assistance is greatly appreciated because mastudents acho pchiri nebasa vapfanha ava they have been totally brain washed.

Dury 3 months ago

Zimtakathi at it again.Sellouts ,turncoats

Vladimir 3 months ago

Sellouts !!!

Simba 3 months ago

Zimta yakazara nemazirombe ezanu chete.Isu tirikuti wedzerwai Mari,imi makuti tocha tocha kuenda kuka-meeting kasina basa.....hamuna kukwana.Gore rino muchasukurudzwa kuseri nekuseri nemukomana👆

PRIDE N 3 months ago

Package iyi inenge mamask nemasantzs chete😅😅🕵🏼‍♀️🕵️

Jinn 3 months ago


fie 3 months ago

package yacho hurumende yadi kuitaura nekuti vakapiwa enough time since January vaudziwa chichemo.che Mari till to date havasati vaziva kuti ma teacher vachavapa Mari Zimta yaita sell out apa

Dury 3 months ago

Sellouts why shld they meet the Gvt alone without other unions.Sifiso and gundane have been at Zimta for around 20 years why dont they give others a chance ? Havent they accumulated enough

Vharazipi we mhaza ino sveza 3 months ago

ZIMTA yakazazara vatemgesi. Vanasifis

Peaceful 3 months ago

Useless ZIMTA. PTUZ yakanaka pane ZIMTA. ZIMTA inyoka chaiyo

Makelanwi 3 months ago


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