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Govt Yet To Pay School Fees For Teachers' Children

Govt Yet To Pay School Fees For Teachers' Children

Teachers say the Government has failed to honour its promise to pay schools fees for their children, with the 2022 first term ending on 7 April.

Last month the Government pledged to pay school fees for children of teachers with a maximum of three children per teacher getting $20 000 each, per term.

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) secretary-general Raymond Majongwe told NewsDay that teachers are yet to benefit from the facility. He said:

There is nothing yet. Not even the disbursement template exists. Once again, the government is short-changing its employees.

There is neither a policy nor procedure to make the teachers benefit. The government now has a tendency of throwing benefits that benefit no one.

Last time there was a COVID-19 allowance that was meant to assist those who contracted the disease at work, but until today, none of the 1 588 of our members got a cent even after contracting the deadly disease while those from other ministries benefitted.

Amalgamated Rural Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) president Obert Masaraure also confirmed that the fees are yet to be paid. Said Masaraure:

It is sad to note that the government promised benefits that have not materialised up to this time.

The government pledged to pay tuition fees for teachers’ children beginning March 1, but these fees are yet to be paid.

However, Primary and Secondary Education ministry spokesperson Taungana Ndoro denied allegations that the Government had failed to fulfil its promise, saying the funds were still being processed. He said:

It is not true that the government has failed to honour its pledge. Due process is being carried out and we have to wait for it to take place.

Remember we have a substantial number of teachers, over 140 000 of them and, therefore, due diligence cannot take place overnight.

The Government made the pledge during a National Joint Negotiation Committee (NJNC) meeting after teachers went on strike citing incapacitation.

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Tkt 1 month ago

you are right by that, i've always stood by the teachers but what you lack is the strength to hold on to the strikes you always start.
dai mese makango rega kuenda kums xuls mosuspendwa mese right now dai makato puwa zvamaida,

ED 1 month ago


ED 1 month ago


ED 1 month ago


ED 1 month ago


Tafirenyika 1 month ago

Why am I not surprised. It's always promise after promise. Just pay them enough money so they can foot their bills on their own, simple

SHOCKED😳😳 1 month ago

Ahh ko havasati,Zanu hindaba kunyepa so


Mashura 1 month ago

Ko kana asina mwana wacho ongofira dzevamwe here? Ingovapai Mari yavo zvakaenzana. Gadzirisai nyika ndosaka mavakubviswa pazvigaro hamubatsiri what kind of a government inoda kuvhara vanhu nokuti mavotes asvika manje ikozvino mamama.

zvakaoma 1 month ago

maticha hapana zvoziikanwa

me4 1 month ago

vanoziva bt varingovabatira chete ngavapihwe mari dzavo vozoita budget vega

nufakosi 1 month ago

ndochokwadi ichocho musati bhajetera mari yedu tipei tizvionere hakuna zvakadaro

teacher 1 month ago

we dont need charity whatever to pay for our kids we need enough salary to cater for our kids fees
Out you its ccc pliz

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