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Govt Working To Resuscitate Industries In Bulawayo - Modi

Govt Working To Resuscitate Industries In Bulawayo - Modi

Industry and Commerce Deputy Minister, Raj Modi, has said efforts to revive industries in Bulawayo started to bear fruit in 2021 as evidenced by improved capacity utilisation for several companies.

Modi said that going forward, more attention will be given to the resuscitation of some of the companies that have closed operations.

Bulawayo is home to companies such as diversified Treger Group of Companies, Archer Clothing and United Refineries Limited, Sheppco BMA Fasteners, Metal Founders, Datlabs, Kango Products, Zambezi Tanners, General Beltings and Arenel, among others.

Modi, who is the Member of Parliament for Bulawayo South (ZANU PF) predicted big things for local industries. He said:

Definitely, we are very positive about the gains achieved so far. 2021 ended on a positive note and we are going forward to achieve more.

You can also see that companies like National Blankets, which was closed some years back, is now on their feet and we are helping it to retool.

We expect this company to come out stronger and the Government is prepared to support it.

We are looking at such industries according to sectoral value chains and we expect many factories to re-open.

We are working to resuscitate more and big things will happen in Bulawayo.

Modi also said the Government is working on bringing the Cold Storage Company (CSC) back on its feet so that it can play a major role in the beef and leather value chain strategy. He said:

The rehabilitation of the CSC factory has already started and recently they conducted a test run.

We hope by January they will start recruiting back workers and this will create more job opportunities.

We are keen on the value chain focus for this company. We are saying to business leaders let’s work together with the Government and there is nothing impossible.

We will certainly revive and transform Bulawayo industries.

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Vladimir 4 months ago

Problem with this government it talks more than it acts

$2022R 4 months ago

Ndazomuona uya wamunoti Chematama.

Byo Senior resident 4 months ago

Inkinga izinto ezenzeka koByo zicommentwa ngumuntu ohlezi emkhukhwini oneyimpukane eChitungwiza khonale..akelime bo faa ,uyasebenza uModi...iqiniso elingevikwe muntu..hatshi ukuthi yonke indawo lingabeopposition

Mr Kazangula 4 months ago

Libatshele bahlali bakoBulawayo

Makelanwi 4 months ago

Government ndoivaka maindustries here,kana kuti inoisa mapolicies anopromota?Kwanai anambwa,kana murikuita imi musati tese tirikuwana;Maybe kwenyu kuBhuruwayo ndokurikufamba,muHarare zvakadhakwa

Makelanwi 4 months ago

Varume imi musadekutinzwa,zvakadhakwa murimatuzvi

Tkt 4 months ago


i do not agree with you, the admin has the capacity needed to,do better than just reviving but lack WILL only, and in as much as they try with the little effort they give, phakathi kwethu thina ama citizens are just not acknowledging the little. Negativity ndiyo yango zara muvanhu


Makelanwi 4 months ago

Ita mushe Modi,The present administration has no capacity To revive industries,nxaaa

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