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Govt, White Former Farmers On Collision Course

Govt, White Former Farmers On Collision Course

White former commercial farmers, whose land was compulsorily acquired during the fast-track resettlement programme, have expressed worry about the new payment terms offered by the government.

Last month, the Government proposed new payment terms to compensate the farmers for improvements made on the farms before they were seized at the turn of the Millenium for re-distribution.

Commercial Farmers Union (CFU) president Andrew Pascoe last week said the proposed new payment terms are “completely” different from schedules outlined in the initial deal, also known as the Global Compensation Deed signed in 2020.

Under the original agreement, the farmers were to receive a total of US$3.5 billion between 2020 and 2024.

Half the money had to be paid during the first year, followed by four US$437.5 million annual instalments.

The Government, however, failed to fulfil its obligation. Said Pascoe:

We have engaged our financial and legal advisors and our biggest worry is that the compensation was going to be much faster than the new terms.

We have proposed some safeguards, which we want to be included in new payment terms; we are waiting for a response from the Government so that discussions can start.

But the major issue is that we want to see if the Government can provide additional safeguards.

Pascoe did not disclose the finer details citing confidentiality and protocol issues.

Finance and Economic Development Minister Mthuli Ncube said in the 2023 Budget Statement in November last year the Government was still on course to raise the funds.

He said US dollar Treasury bonds would be issued this year to raise US$3.15 billion. | Business Weekly

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Senor Jack 6 days ago

We are not supposed to pay these pple did they compunsate Our forefathers wen they moved them to arid areas to starve . Its our land they shouldn't get anything

whiteman 5 days ago

Did your forefather ask for compensation

cid 6 days ago

development yavakaita vakatoita profit jahwi,, better mutenge magetsi ne 3,5 billion,, MUSAVAPA kana bond

Mari yei 6 days ago

vanhu ava varikumbopihwa Mari yeiko, to hell with them mhani...ndivo varikufanira kutotibhadhara....pavakauya muno vachitipamba vachiita yese yavada vainge vambodaidzwa nani, iye vakabhadhara ani Mari? musavapa Mari iyoyo

Mari yei 6 days ago

uye vakabhadhara ani*

black on white 6 days ago

The Global Compensation Deed is the legal document that the govt signed when they consented to the obligation to compensate to he farmers .
It's now too late , unlawful & inconsistent for govt to back down..
talk about the rule of law¿

backbencher 6 days ago

laws are there to be broken

Tintin 6 days ago

I don't see them getting a cent...pamwe rtgs at interbank rate vanenge vaita lucky


brakademus 6 days ago

should we then complain when they slap sanctions against our dear leader¿

munhu weblack 6 days ago

as always, I like yr sense of humour.
govt's failure to pay ...
is it deliberate
strategic approach
wits end culdesac
or penury

Tintin 6 days ago

@ m.w thanx bro.

munhu weblack 6 days ago

@ tin tin
u is welcome, dear Patriot
say , didn't get yr two cents on the delimitation report stategem?
what's your take?

Tintin 5 days ago

Skipped the whole circus

Patriot 6 days ago

Just give them some pieces of land ne imwe mari ye start vatange kurima futi muone kuti vanotaura anything here? Land yacho inenge isiri the same size kunga mazipurazi avaiva nawo land reform isati yaitwa naVaMugabe plus anenge ari ma offer letter futi or ma 99 year leases. Zvikadaro definitely the sanctions will be lifted and CCC influence will be diminished heavily

pascoe 6 days ago

we gave your land back , , , what are producing kkkkkkkkkk black brains

Tintin 5 days ago

@ pascoe unoda kusekererwa handiti regai tikusekerereyi 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

chamunyuka 6 days ago

basa kupopotera land vanhu vatemaa , , chaburwaa hapanaa motodzura magetsi motengesa copper nekurendesa mafarms modyaa 3%

Ini zvangu 5 days ago

The resettled farmers should pay the compensation, kwete kungoda zvamahara

Asseeff 5 days ago

Throw away the Chinese people are looting our minerals

Asseff 5 days ago

Throw out the Chinese from oru land they are looting our mineral and displacing our people from their mother land

Hurricane 5 days ago

British government must pay that money as they promised at Lancaster house conference in 1979

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