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Govt Warns Schools Demanding Fees Exclusively In United States dollars

Govt Warns Schools Demanding Fees Exclusively In United States dollars

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MoPSE) has warned schools demanding fees exclusively in United States dollars (USD).

Schools reopened on Monday this week for the third term and some schools are reportedly demanding fees exclusively in USD saying the Zimbabwe dollar is not a good store of value. 

MoPSE spokesperson, Mr Taungana Ndoro, urged parents and guardians to report such schools. He said:

Government policy clearly states that payment can be made in either USD or RTGS at the prevailing interbank bank rate. Those that are demanding exclusive US$ payment must know it’s a criminal offence that warrants an arrest.

The ministry is also aware of schools that are saying if parents pay in RTGS there is going to be a top up midterm. School authorities cannot simply call for a top up without the approval of the ministry. It is illegal and if that happens parents need to report to the ministry so that the school is brought to book.

Some schools are sending learners back home demanding fees in defiance of the government policy which states that no child should be sent away for non-payment of school fees.

Schools argue that they want the money for the smooth running of day-to-day operations. 

Some parents and guardians of learners have lamented over school fees tagged in United States dollars (USD) when teachers are said to be absent from work.

A concerned parent told ZBC News that it was not fair for schools to demand payment in USD but then they end up taking that money for their personal use and swipe in RTGS instead. Said another parent:

We need the government to come in and put order because the situation is just out of hand, you pay the fees in USD but the teacher is not available for lessons, you retaliate by paying in RTGS and you’re made to pay for extra lessons and teachers incentive.

Meanwhile, teachers are reported to be on the go slow waiting for the government to raise their salaries.

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clueless 3 weeks ago

mmmmm sure nekuti hatisi tese totambira US ipapo rambai makabata

@Clueless 3 weeks ago

do you think Rtgs can run schools.... mwana wenyu anodyiswa plain cabbage thewholee term mukaita zvektamba

clueless 3 weeks ago

mmmmm sure nekuti hatisi tese totambira US ipapo rambai makabata

Stupid 3 weeks ago

Hatisi tese of course but are you not ashamed to see mwana weshirikadzi irikuita ma Xtra lessons neUS dollar. Simuka ushandire mhuri yako mkoma our Govt is in auto pilot hapana chanobetsera.

People Of Various Opinions 3 weeks ago

Govt always threatening.....ruling using a statutoy instruments....

Oliver Fist 3 weeks ago

Great initiative by our dear school. Awesome work. Keep it up.

Maparamuro 3 weeks ago

They should take the Zim dollar they receive to the RBZ auction to get US$

@maparamuro 3 weeks ago

udza Mangudya usaudze ivoo

cde chipopi 3 weeks ago

ko zvakaipei handi husa ndo Mari yacho inotenga here? gvt haina kukwana. Pane munhu angatenga MOTA kana stand ne bond here?

Mukanyapazvese 3 weeks ago

Start with Harare City Council


Sorojena 3 weeks ago

If we do not unite as parents and pay school levies in US dollars we are doing nothing for our children's welfare, better we pay gvt school fees in bonds the rest in US dollars. The bond dollar does not keep value.

😍 3 weeks ago

🙏i second you

Zanu Pf 3 weeks ago

Free education for all in 2023

😔 3 weeks ago

The Zim constitution still stands for free education, but with Zanu pf it never saw the light of the day. Just wet dreams that cannot sire a child.

Mdara Odza 3 weeks ago

Such schools have a valid argument, the fictional currency called the Zimbabwean dollar is in an irretrievable free fall mode, that means the value of the money payed in school fees now will decrease as time go on as such schools will not be able to deliver services to pupils. The bond note was an experiment that should not have been done, now it is too late to reverse it. high xul 3 weeks ago

kuno we pay using chibage,kana zvitinha kwa

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