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Govt "Unaware" Of Bulawayo Forex Rates


The Government has distanced itself from a recent move by the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) to index bills to residents in foreign currency.

Last week, BCC announced that water and rates bills will this month be indexed in foreign currency, saying the current charges have been rendered inadequate by rising inflation.

In an interview with The Sunday News on Saturday, Local Government and Public Works Minister, July Moyo said he was not aware of the move by the local authority. Said Moyo:

I am not aware of that, I will have to check to find out what is happening, so we can then advise accordingly.

However, Bulawayo Mayor, Councillor Solomon Mguni insisted that the Government had been fully briefed. He said:

Actually, this is something which we should have been doing since February. It is nothing new really because the Ministry also knows that our 2022 budget was indexed in foreign currency. This is the existing economic environment.

What we are saying is that residents will still be able to pay in local currency but that will be according to the auction rate at the time of billing.

All we want is to ensure that we are able to deliver services to our residents instead of directing the majority of our revenue towards paying salaries.

Councillors have accused managers of bypassing them in coming up with the directive.

Council management reportedly called for a special council meeting after the Town Clerk, Christopher Dube, had already issued a public notice on the issue.

More: The Sunday News

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Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 week ago

Zesa is not doing that wanyepa apo🤔
Zinara Zera we have a choice 😂 get in cheaper bus and cook using firewood
@Malcom X

Tkt 1 week ago

Yessss zvadirwa jecha izvo. No more USD bills kana zvadai so

🤷The voiceless 1 week ago

if government approves this to go on then that means, it has no people in its mind.
Firstly the majority are still earning rtgs, and the approval of government for other sectors to charge the public in forex it's wrong and not fair for the majority.
secondly you can't defend yourselves and say we importanting raw materials or other products from other countries in forex payments.That can't be a license to say the majority to buy or pay for services in forex, while you know most are not earning in forex.
The system being used is biased,and unfavorable to the majority.
In that case all employees have to earn in forex,then we can talk about paying for services or what soever in forex.
Even though you say rtgs will be still be allowed and equivalent to the foreign currency auction, that still doesn't count.
Alternatives have to be brought forth than this

gabarinocheka 1 week ago

mene mene tekel
the writing is on the wall

🦓 1 week ago

we get salaries at old rate then pay council bills @current rate. ummmm its tight

Malcolm X 1 week ago

Zinara ,Zera, Zimra Zesa the list is endless they are doing it monthly why not BCC.

X ist 1 week ago

Because the BCC is an authority run by the opposition. The gvt wud nt approve even if the reasons were genuine


Dogged 1 week ago

Dog chasing it's tail.

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 week ago

What BCC is saying is the very opposite of what is happening in the country right, they also cant pay their workers in the manner they want them to pay their bills, its a sign common sense is very uncommon 😂

Increament is dated 1July only to get it after 30 days after 4 to 5 RBZ's new auction rates but still get salary at very old rate then pay BCC on current rate 😂 what kinda economics is that Mguni BCC's executive.
you dont push government by making us suffer we are watching, try next door...

Tateguru 1 week ago

Why forex auction in the first place?
So let people rate everything by the auction rate.

Observer 1 week ago

Left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. The denial and blame game.

chati homu! ...chareva 1 week ago

it was inevitable, ndoo the new norm, tese ndookwatirikuenda. kuzvida kana kusazvida, ....chauya kwaedza charamba hope...

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