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Govt To Repossess Unused Land From Indigenous Farmers

Govt To Repossess Unused Land From Indigenous Farmers

The Government has started redistributing unused land that was given to black farmers during the land reform programme at the turn of the Millenium.

Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development Minister Anxious Masuka, on Wednesday, said multiple farm owners will be left with one farm and the rest will be expropriated and redistributed. He said:

Those who own more than one farm, or whose farms are abandoned, will face expropriation.

The lands will be redistributed to aspiring farmers, who are on a waiting list established since the last reforms.

Masuka said 99% of the land has already been allocated and the land distributed to farmers on the waiting list is being taken from blacks and will be allocated to black farmers.

Deputy Lands Minister Vangelis Haritatos said some white farmers have already been allowed to reclaim land through local partnerships.

According to Haritatos, there were no specific criteria for the exercise but he said “what we want is a system that is fair to the greatest number of people.”

In the early 2000s, the then President, Robert Mugabe, forcibly expropriated land from commercial white farmers in order to reallocate it to black farmers.

While the Zimbabwean Government said land reform was intended to correct inequalities resulting from British colonisation, those close to the Government and the ruling ZANU PF party greatly from the redistribution.

The new farmers were poorly trained and ill-equipped, and this resulted in food shortages, forcing Zimbabwe to spend millions of dollars importing grain to feed its population.

Mugabe’s successor, Emmerson Mnangagwa, has attempted to compensate the white former farmers for the developments they carried out on the farms.

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Chen 3 months ago

When do you learn all the good news or developments promised prior elections are called political gimmicks/campaigning tactics , don't look far start with the politicians ndivo vane mafarm emuzukuru asati azvarwa. Land or farms on standby for their children who are overseas abroad. This reallocation yakasotaurwa kudhara zvichinzi apply takuda kupa maYouth aana mujibha and nothing materialized. They can't walk the talk. They talk the talk. Suddenly free education whilst you can't afford to pay the educaters. Vaenda mahara vanonodzidziswa nani vana vacho. Suddenly redistribution of land muchitadza kugovera zvakanaka mainputs eCommand what more Land. Kkkk these old madhara they have ran out of tactics. You can fool the people but not the Economy ndizvo zvandinongofarirawo zvangu.

Stanley Zimbudzana 3 months ago

Hope the authorities will spare a thought for ex-convicts with a passion for farming,this will be in sync with the ZPCS mandate to Re-intergrate prisoners back into society.Farming will give ex -prisoners an opportunity to pay back the society by producing on pieces of land.I personally have been on the waiting list since being released in 2015 from prison,in the meanwhile every job interview tells me that I am unemployable because of the prison record I have hence I rather use the experience I got at Khami maximum prison TOP GARDEN to make a living and take care of my family.I hope the Pindula platform will highlight the dilemma faced by ex-convicts.THANK YOU.

Hohodza 3 months ago

Ndiyo nguva ye Madzimambo nema Sabhuku yekupa vanhu minda zvisiri pamutemo uye nechioko muhomwe ZACC hero basa ongororayi ku Chipinge area yell DAISYHILL mubate huori corruption

Zindoga 3 months ago

ndiwo uchave mugariro makore ose nguva yema elections motorerwa minda ichipiwa vamwe zvichingodaro zvichidaro uye kupiwa pa gwenga pasina nemvura yekumwa yakachena even chibhorani hachipo mabhunu ayisimudzirana kupana Farming zvikwere I kuma Bank akasiyana siyana

Silverstar 3 months ago

Fair distribution of land is a must. Every Zimbabwean must have at least 6 hactares of farmland in his name whether he can or cannot farm. It is a birthright. I hope the waiting list will be used fairly some of us registered way back.


I ravhu yu pamera 3 months ago

zvazvekutsvaka mavhotsi kubva kune vane Minda kuda kutyisidzira vanhu

zimboy 3 months ago

tf ...wat a **** move..a lot of prazos asrii kushanda ukoo maidzingirei varungu nhy imimapenzji imi

anonymous 3 months ago

where is ZACC and they walk around saying nonsense, people who are paid for serving the needs of the majority like teachers conducting extra lessons to uneducated learners helping them is considered corrupt. let them investigate those issues and the law serve there too.

Black Jack 3 months ago

Hezbo hezvo, zbatinogara tichitaurs ka!! Kuti ZANU PF iParty ye Mbavha.Minister weku ZANU Kuba chibage, kutengesera ku Malawi. Vana veZimbabwe kusara ne zhars. Kwakuita zvekuto Importer. Shame on you ZANU PF

Cde Luvale 3 months ago

Zimbabwe did not have shortage of food because the land was given to untrained farmers,I'll equipped and ect,maize was stollen by the former latest Agriculture minister and sold to Malawi in huge tonnages,

Mhazi of Silobela 3 months ago

we have heard this before......STOP IT. it's a tired gimmick.

Visit Silobela
Vote CCC

Young farmer 3 months ago

Mukana uyo, i cant wait, hopefully they are being genuine. I have been renting land since 2016.

MuPfungwe Chaiye 3 months ago

Chitongovabvisai vese all ma black farmers chavanoziva kurima sora beans nothing much. Sure mungaite kamujogo purazi rese zvakabuda imi. Ingodzoserai minda kune vaiziva zvekurima

Paul Piki 3 months ago

Kudzorera kuna ani. Toita zvatoda nevhu redu. Ini kwangu ndiri kuto vhima nekukuzva hove. Kkk

Jinx 3 months ago

All i hear is blaah blaah blaah....

maiti kurima inyore 3 months ago

hezvoka hezvoka tipei mapadza tirime.
Property yemurimi mutsva ma empty scuds ,no mombe, Comande imputs since 2000.kupisa sango nekuvhima are major activities.

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