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Govt To Maintain 'No Work, No Pay' Policy As Teachers Plan Job Action

Govt To Maintain 'No Work, No Pay' Policy As Teachers Plan Job Action

Teachers unions are planning to go on strike as soon as President Emmerson Mnangagwa announces the date for the re-opening of schools, which remain closed indefinitely.

Teachers say their Zimbabwe dollar salaries have been eroded by inflation and they want the Government to pay them in foreign currency.

Educators Union of Zimbabwe president Tafadzwa Munodawafa told NewsDay that they hope the Government announces the date for the reopening of schools after they receive their January salaries. He said:

We all know that the government knows that the peanuts paid to us on the 17th of December as bonuses have been long eroded, and it is hoped that if the opening date is announced after the January payday, teachers will then get bus fares to their work stations.

Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (ZIMTA) president Richard Gundane said:

The solution as we get into 2022 would be to get a dignified component of remuneration in US dollars.

Many educators will fail to report for duty as schools re-open because of salaries that are below the poverty datum line.

However, the Acting Minister for Primary and Secondary Education Paul Mavima on Monday warned teachers that if they decide to go on strike, the Government will maintain its “No Work, No Pay” policy. Said Mavima:

It doesn’t matter when schools will open, even if schools open tomorrow or at a later date, we expect all teachers to go back to work and report for duty.

As government, we will maintain the stance that if you don’t come to work, you don’t get paid.

The National Joint Negotiating Council (NJNC) is dealing with the issue of conditions of services for all civil servants.

The process of talking to each other must be respected. We do not want a situation whereby one or two teachers’ unions wants to disrupt the system. We will not allow that to happen.

Secretary to the Public Service Commission (PSC), Jonathan Wutawunashe reminded teachers of the proper channels to air their grievances. He said:

The correct forum for negotiations between government and civil servants is the NJNC. Those negotiations avoid discriminatory focus on any sector, as they address remuneration and conditions of service for all civil servants.

In the NJNC all civil servants regardless of sector, are represented by the Apex Council which is a federation of public sector unions that include teachers’ unions.

PTUZ secretary-general Raymond Majongwe insisted that the NJNC is now defunct and should be replaced. Said Majongwe:

The PSC must respect its own processes and make sure that the law is respected. The NJNC has since run its race and must be replaced as soon as possible. The NJNC is now moribund and must be buried. The new republic must walk the talk.

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Mr ndhlumbi 7 months ago

If thus the case then the curremt government is failing to deliver

Bamnini 7 months ago

Schools are scheduled to open on the 24 of January.inga ini ndaiva gweja wani bt pandakawona kuti chigweja sometimes chinokava ndakasiya

🤨🤨 7 months ago

Magaro enyu mari ahisi kukwana iyi plz

Do that 7 months ago

No Basa haziko lapa pay🤔

# N H H:🤠

Do that 7 months ago

# N H M 🤠 NHM 🤠🌈⚡🌈

Timbers 7 months ago

Education is now dead vana vedu vofa zvavo

Gushungo 7 months ago

No work no pay for all Ministers, coz noone is delivering anything.


Dr huni 7 months ago

And how is that going to solve anything?

Tkt 7 months ago

@Gushungo ndinemi ipapo, no one is delivering anything meaningfull though attempts to deliver something are there, plus maTICHA acho nemi murimbwa NO WORK NO PAY is still good, chingo regai kuenda tione if that policy will serve the masters of it kana kuti IMI, bcoz they will be forced to call you back kubasa at a new offer and still musaenda but mamwe matofo enyu anoenda nekuti kwahi ndaka chesterwa graft so ndika rega ndonga ndaku makisa akandi sotera

Shadows 7 months ago

Kna BSA risingabhadhari siya utsvage rimwe. Unoda kufira pabsa pamba pako hr. Wake up u teachers. U are now destroying our children's future. Ndovatungamiri vemangwana. U are refusing them of their right to education. Itai BSA ,vamiriri venyu vachitaurirana naemployer

Kkkkk 7 months ago

@Shadows that head of yours is full of water mmnxmm

Charts man 7 months ago

Vaendeseika ku private vana venyu moda kuti ani ashandire mahara mateacher ngaabhadharwe mari inotenga

Tentin 7 months ago

All those who snub parliament must suffer the no work no pay policy

Manikiniki 7 months ago

The teacher are expressing genuine greviences representing all civil servants who are just silent and afraid to express themselves, the police and army will tell u they are not allowed to complain and they pin their hopes on teachers' voices and industrial actions. But malcontents like @Shadows will think that its only teachers who are not happy about the salary, there is no more salary for public servants, only ministers and their friends talk of real salary thats why they are quick to scream no work no pay to please their masters and enjoy the benefits of suppressing other pple.

Four 7 months ago

@manikini ana @Shadows hapana chozikanwa. He doesnt even kno the importance of teachers ukati akaenda kxool iyeyi? Hatozivi kuti i political statement rotaurwa nemaPoliticians kt kana risinga bhadhare siya he doesnt even know kt teachers stand in fr all civil servants. Kana chonzi poverty datum line havachizivi so haaa u feel pity fr him.

Denford Garabwa 7 months ago

Dai utungamiriri hwawedzera mari kumacivil servants coz i suspect kuti masoja nemapurisa varikutibira nepfuti salary haisi kukwana.

Zman 7 months ago

Ndokutongwa nemhanduka uku. Ukada zvekukomburena unomamiswa

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