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Govt To Effect 100% Pay Rise For Civil Servants Effective 1 July

Govt To Effect 100% Pay Rise For Civil Servants Effective 1 July

Civil servants will get a 100 per cent salary increment with effect from 1 July 2022, a cabinet minister has said.

Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Paul Mavima said public sector workers will continue to receive the US$100 component of their salaries and US$75 allowances introduced last year.

The Government and civil servants met under the National Joint Negotiating Committee (NJNC) on Friday to discuss a cost of living adjustment for civil servants but the meeting ended in a deadlock.

Mavima told State media that another NJNC meeting has been scheduled for this week. He said:

The Government team will consult to see if there can be any variation to what was initially offered, which is a 100 per cent increment.

This will all be done in consideration of the Treasury’s capacity.

However, what Government has offered, it is going to implement with effect from July 1, because we realise the importance of the need for us to cushion our workers.

Zimbabwe Confederation of Public Sector Trade Unions (ZCPSTU) president Cecilia Alexander said:

The NJNC meeting failed to reach a consensus after the employer initially brought an offer of an 80 per cent increase in local currency, which would see the lowest paid civil servant move from $18 000 to $32 000.

They later upped the offer to 100 per cent, which the workers flatly rejected.

The employer requested time to consult their principals on the workers’ proposals and to properly interrogate the altered position brought by the workers.

Civil servants have raised their demands from the restoration of the pre-October 2018 salaries of US$540 to demanding US$840 for the lowest-paid worker.

More: The Sunday Mail

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Tkt 1 week ago

I will differ with all of you & rather propose something better from the Gvt offer: 100% is very good as long as it will be implemented on everything in the plate!!!
175 to 350
32000 to 64000
Quite great

g 1 week ago

at least zvikadaro zvinoita nani but havadaro manje, dira Hako rizare

Teacher 1 week ago

Tichaona kwazvichaperera. More extra lessons for me,

sivuseventi 1 week ago

thank you very much govt for hearing us kwandir it's enough

tindo 1 week ago

workers of the same nation living in two different worlds

tindo 1 week ago

Supply Authority (ZESA) Holdings has awarded its workers US$358 in allowances and a 70% salary increment with effect from this month.
In a circular to all ZESA employees dated 13 June 2022, ZESA Executive Chairman, Sydney Gata, said the “interim salary adjustment” will not prejudice ongoing collective bargaining. Read


Tateguru 1 week ago

Percentages mean nothing in this situation. 1000% of 0 will still be 0.
$32,000 for the lowest paid civil servant is still too little compared to my 1982 lowest paid security guard at $112.00. In 1982 Zimbubwean dollar was at par with the USD or greater, I cannot remember well.

$32,000 is about 97 USD auction rate or 80 USD common parallel rate.

Still we cannot blame the Public Service, where would it get the money anyway.

Chawabvunza 1 week ago

I do recommend that civil servants leave their employer implement the 100% increment now but quickly make sure that they reach a consensus or else they get cheated.



Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 week ago

100% of nothing is nothing, rather increase that $175 to @least $250 🤔

Tio4 1 week ago

This is a clear sign that things are not well in the country as Mthuli and Mangudya would like to portray. We are in a hyperinflation period, things have gone haywire, kupi kunyika dziri stable kwakambowedzerwa salaries by 100% when the economy is "improving" its a clear sign that the rtgs its worthless. Increasing salaries by 100% is not the solution, its a wage-price spiral thats taking place these are basic economic principals.

The Philosopher 1 week ago

Everyone knows what happens every time ZW$ salaries are increased.

Prices and the general cost of goods will go haywire and skyrocket, thus rendering the value of the local currency useless again.

The thing is not to continually raise aalaries which eventually still go on and lose value.

But the best thing to do is keep a lid on the exchange rate, price/cost of goods, as well as preserve the value of the local currency.

Zano 1 week ago

Haaa matauriro ako ndeemunhu akuziya ....salary increase went it's not a solution l wonder Soo called professor nadhokotaa kuti havana that reasoning see vachitinyepera kuziya accounts

MuSabatha(SDA) 1 week ago

100% of a zero is still a zero...

Chiurai 1 week ago

But kana is iri zero in this instance it is a lot of money. It's like getting a 13 nth cheque every month.

Ma rates ndoo achakaurisa chete. Dhola raakupinda mu 1000 chingwa double.

Private companies forced to follow suite. Vobva VA doubler zvavanogadzira.

Mangwana kutonogadzirisa swipe machine

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